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MOT Test Certificate

Please follow these steps to help ensure that your MOT Test Certificate is approved by our team.

Upload your documents

Step 1

Check that your document is correct

  • We require you to upload your most recent valid MOT Certificate.
  • We cannot accept a Refusal of an MOT Certificate.

TfL regulations state that private hire vehicles require an MOT Test at least once every 6 months. Therefore, if 6 months has passed since the issue date on your MOT, you must obtain a new one.

NOTE: If your PHV licence was issued within the first year of your vehicle's life, you will not need to submit an MOT Certificate.

Step 2

Check the details on your document are correct

If any of these details are incorrect, your document will be rejected.

  • The vehicle registration must match the vehicle registration on your Uber profile.
  • The vehicle make and model must match the vehicle make and model on your Uber profile.
  • We will not accept the MOT if the word 'DANGEROUS' appears in the advisory notes.

Adding a new vehicle to the app?
Click on the +ADD VEHICLE button in the vehicles tab on your Partner Dashboard.

Step 3

Take a good photo of your document

Make sure that the whole document is visible in the photo. If we cannot see all edges of the licence, your document will be rejected.

The image must not be blurry.

The following must also be visible in the photo:

  • The DVLA logo in the top left
  • 'MOT Test Certificate' in the top right
  • ‘About this document’ section at the bottom

Please remember that the number one reason that documents are rejected is because the image is not clear, or all four edges of the document are not visible. Please follow these instructions to make sure it doesn't happen to you!

Learn how to upload your documents

Learn how to manage your documents directly through the Uber Partner app.

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