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Driver Destination - Arrival Time

Setting a destination? We'll help you get there on time.

We’ve added arrival time as an option when you set your destination. Using this new feature, you can set your destination at the beginning of your day and then drive worry-free, knowing we'll help you be at your destination on time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go online
  • Tap the menu icon in top corner of your home screen
  • Set your destination location and arrival time
  • Tap the ‘X’ to close out and begin receiving trips

Your destination and arrival time are saved all day, even if you go offline to take a break. We'll help you make it to your end destination on time by preventing you from receiving trips that take you too far away throughout your day. As soon as it’s the time you have told us you want to head towards your destination, we'll send you a notification and send trips for riders along the way.

Trips confirmed after we notify you to start heading towards your destination will not count towards incentives, but all other trips completed throughout the day will. Here’s what the notification looks like:"

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