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Accessibility options in the UK

uberASSIST is an uberX option that is designed to provide additional assistance to seniors and people with disabilities. Partner-drivers are specifically trained by a third party organization to assist riders into vehicles.

Frequently asked questions


Where is uberASSIST currently available?

uberASSIST is currently available in 5 UK cities. However, you may find the vehicle option in different places on the app.

In London, Uber users can locate the vehicle option by sliding to the right.

In Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Sheffield Uber users can locate the vehicle option after entering the promo code: ASSISTUK in their app.

What is the pricing?

The pricing for uberASSIST matches uberX.

Will I still receive uberX trip confirmations?

Yes, you will be cross-dispatched to receive your regular uberX trip confirmations along with uberASSIST trip confirmations.

Do I have to allow service animals in the car?

Yes, regardless of whether it is an uberASSIST or uberX trip allowing service animals in your vehicle is a legal requirement.

Do I have to be an uberASSIST partner or can I opt-out?

If you no longer wish to receive uberASSIST trips, you can easily opt-out by reaching out to Uber Support through the Uber app.

If a rider is injured getting in or out of the car, is there insurance to cover them?

Likely yes. uberASSIST riders are generally protected by Uber's commercial liability insurance while entering and exiting vehicles at their requested pickup and drop off locations.

What if my car isn't big enough?

All vehicles should be able to accommodate an assistive device, such as a folding wheelchair or scooter. If your vehicle cannot safely fit your rider’s assistive device, you can cancel the trip and reach out to us via the Uber app to let us know why and avoid a cancellation fee.

How much help will a rider need to get in or out of the car?

Many riders prefer that you always ask before physically assisting them. You might want to offer to provide your arm to guide or help the rider find their balance when walking or getting up from a chair into a car. For safety reasons, you should not physically lift anyone out of a wheelchair or a scooter.

A helpful tip

"Breakdown the WALL"

When picking up a rider with a disability, you can think about watching, asking, listening, and learning (WALL).

  • Watch the person to understand their abilities
  • Ask how you can help
  • Listen to their requests and preferences carefully
  • Learn from every person you assist

Watch the video to learn more about "breaking down the WALL."

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