Uber Cleaning Fee: How it Works

July 18, 2019 / United Kingdom

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Messy riders are an unfortunate part of being an Uber partner-driver. But the good news is that if a rider has made a mess in your vehicle, we’re here to help.

If a rider makes a mess or causes damage to your vehicle that prevents you from taking further trips, you can request a cleaning fee. This cleaning fee is charged to the rider to help you cover the costs of getting your vehicle back to its original condition, cleaned up and ready to get back on the road.

So, here’s what you need to know about the cleaning fee.

Uber cleaning fee

Requesting a Cleaning Fee

You can request a cleaning fee from the Uber Driver app. Just tap through to ‘Help’ > ‘Trip issues and adjustments’ > ‘Issue with a rider’ > ‘A rider made a mess in my vehicle’ to submit a cleaning fee request.

You can also go to our Uber cleaning fee help page to sign in and make your claim instead.

In order to submit a cleaning fee claim, you will need to provide these details within three business days of the incident occurring:

  • Photos of the mess. You need at least two photos of the mess. If applicable, you’ll also need to enter a description of the fluid or material that caused the damage or mess. If it’s dark, make sure you turn on the inside light or use the flash on your phone.
  • A picture of the receipt for a cleaning service. In order to be considered valid, the receipt must contain the following details:
    • It must be an official receipt, preferably stamped, with the date of the cleaning
    • The details of the car wash where the cleaning was done, including name and address
  • The details of the trip where mess was caused. We require the trip details to help us pass the cost of the cleaning and repair on to the rider that made the mess.

Once you’ve uploaded the relevant images and details, just click “submit” to send your cleaning fee claim on to us.

Uber cleaning fee

What Happens Next?

Once we have received your cleaning fee claim and validated it, a cleaning fee will be applied to your account. 

Fee assessments are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and determined by the extent of the mess made, as well as the reasonable cost of the cleaning required. Please bear in mind that the fee is specifically for professional cleaning and is based on our review of the evidence provided.

For example, a mess comprised by items that can be thrown away or wiped up quickly, such as any spilt water, will be unlikely to qualify for a cleaning fee.

Mess that requires vacuuming or simple cleaning, like minor food or beverage spills or dirt, etc. are a good baseline to follow for whether you are eligible for a cleaning fee.

Uber cleaning feee

Whilst we hope you don’t have to use it often, our cleaning fee policy can help you get your vehicle back to the clean Uber standard and back out on the road.