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Local cabs via the Uber app

July 16, 2021 / United Kingdom

Uber is making it quicker and easier to get around your local area.

You will need to download the latest version of the Uber app to be able to see the Local cab product.

How it works
  • Open the Uber app the usual way
  • Enter your trip details
  • Choose Local Cab from the drop down
  • An estimate from a local cab operator is displayed
  • When you make your request, Uber will locate a local cab operator for you to book with, and send them your contact details to help you complete the trip
  • The local cab operator will accept your booking and provide your trip
Staying up to speed

Your booking will be made with a local operator, but you will receive the driver and vehicle details in the Uber app as usual once the booking has been confirmed. You will also get the driver’s ETA and the local operator’s number, so you can contact them if needed.

Clear costs, easy payment

The local cab operator provides the fare estimate and sets the cost of the trip. Cashless payment is made via the app as usual.