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What makes a 5-star driver, according to Uber riders

July 1, 2019 / United Kingdom

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As a partner-driver, one of your main aims is to make sure that your riders always have the best possible experience when they are in your vehicle. The 5-star rating is an acknowledgment that you have gone above and beyond with your customer service and, through your actions, you’ve made a positive impact on your rider’s day.

If you are looking for tips on how to improve your Uber rating, who better to explain what makes a rider give a 5-star rating than riders themselves? To make sure you have the tools you need to achieve that 5-star Uber rating on every journey, here are four examples of what makes a 5-star driver, according to Uber riders.

Service with a smile

One of the most common themes that come up in 5-star driver’s compliments is their attitude and how friendly they are. Greeting the customer with a smile and friendly attitude is a vital start to earning that 5-star rating, as it makes your rider feel welcome, comfortable and safe.

Little gestures, such as getting out to open the door for your rider, helping those with reduced mobility get into your vehicle or lending a hand with a heavy bag can add up to getting that all important 5-star rating.

Engage with your rider

Just as in your personal life, conversation is important – taking an active interest in your rider’s day can really help you build a rapport with them, but it’s also important to recognize what mood they’re in. Some riders just don’t want to chat, they might be tired, distracted or just uncomfortable with certain social situations. Either way, it’s important to assess their initial reaction and engage with them on a level they are comfortable with.

It probably goes without saying but avoiding hot-button or controversial conversation topics is normally a good idea. Stick to the more common conversation starters like how your rider’s day is going, sports, the weather, or even local events that you think your rider might be interested in.

Accessorise your vehicle

People love their own music and some of the most common positive feedback from riders is about drivers who include an AUX cable that allows them to pick their own tunes. Since our mobile phones are so important to us, the majority of our riders agree that having the opportunity to charge theirs in your car is another step towards becoming one of the best drivers on the Uber platform.

If it’s a hot day – and the UK has at least two or three per year – try keeping a few bottles of water on hand, as your riders will appreciate the chance to re-hydrate during their journey.

Go the extra mile

A quick glance across the compliments of the best drivers on the Uber platform will show you messages of gratitude and appreciation for the times they have gone the extra mile. Simple things like helping to connect a rider with valuable items left in your vehicle or even just being a smiling face at the end of a hard day can really make a difference to your rider and help you earn your place as a 5-star driver.

So, are you ready to become a 5-star driver? Armed with advice on how to how to improve your Uber rating, that comes straight from our riders, you can make a real and positive impact on your customer’s day and earn yourself that 5-star rating.