When a partner-driver makes a rider’s day

September 6, 2017 / United Kingdom

We want to make sure that riders have plenty of chances to tell you how you made a positive impact on their day.

One way this is done is through the Compliments feature. It gives riders another chance to tell you what they enjoyed about the trip if they rated it five stars.

Riders can choose from 9 Compliment badges. These include options such as Made me Laugh and Clean and Tidy.  If you receive a Compliment from a rider, you’ll see it on your homescreen. You’ll be able to keep track of the Compliments you receive on your dashboard. This will help you to understand what riders most enjoy when they ride with you.

We’ve looked through the best feedback from riders who told us their driver Made My Day to share it with you. Read through these Compliments for drivers – you might find inspiration for your next trip.


“This guy is the kindest driver I have met to date. I use Uber around four times a week and have met a lot of your drivers, but he wins! Thank you so much for reuniting me with my lost property on your own time. You’re a credit to yourself and Uber.”

– Teroy, a partner-driver from Sheffield

“I had a really long day, travelled lots, and Bogdan was very considerate, kind and friendly! I’d just come from a depressing scene at the hospital and he made my day! Thank you.”  

-Bogdan, a partner-driver from Leicester

“He’s my favourite driver ever! I think we are now best friends.”

-Germay, a partner-driver from Manchester

“This is my second trip with Craig. After a job interview, I needed cheering up. Craig made me forget my anxieties with his jovial manner. We finished the journey with a great chat! He made me smile and boosted my confidence with his genuine, compassionate character. He went beyond my expectations of an Uber driver. Thank you Craig. 10/10 service.”

-Craig, a partner-driver from Sheffield

“I’ve probably mapped out half the Midlands with how many taxis I’ve taken, and without doubt, Michael’s been the best experience I’ve ever had, bar none. A wonderful, well-polished driver possessing the utmost in customer care. An absolute pleasure to ride with.”

-Michael, a partner-driver from Birmingham

“Nice chat. Easy drive. And bought my keys back to the bar I was in when I left them in the back of his car. Top bloke.”

-Mohammed, a partner-driver from Stoke

“It’s only 00.58am and Taz has already made my day! Honestly, Taz is a wonderful person who took interest in our lives. Best Uber driver I’ve ever had!”

-Imtiaz, a partner-driver from Cardiff

“Michael really cheered me up before an exam. I think I just met the happiest man alive! You the best Michael!”

-Michael, a partner-driver from Newcastle

“Great chat, lovely person. Made me laugh and honestly rounded off a fantastic night for me. Wish he could drive me everywhere! A credit to Uber.”

-Mohamed, a partner-driver from Leicester

“Simon is a credit to Uber. He made my day with his great chat and funny stories. If you could request a specific driver, I don’t think Simon would ever be able to log out of the app!”

-Simon, a partner-driver from Portsmouth

“The single best driver we have ever met. Made our night out before it even began.”

-Taj, a partner-driver from Glasgow

“Having to be up so early and working on a bank holiday isn’t ideal but you made my day already with your sweetness and generosity! Thank you so much!”

-Babak, a partner-driver from Newcastle

“Helped me get to my driving theory test on time and gave me amazing tips to help me prepare for my practical driving test. Great guy.”

-Angus, a partner-driver from Glasgow

“Thank you for the chat, Jas! A very cheerful end to a rubbish evening.”

-Jas, a partner-driver from Nottingham

“Thanks – you helped us in so many ways today!”

Yildrim, a partner-driver from Leicester

“Charles is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Honest and perceptive, he noticed that I wanted to talk – I left the taxi feeling honestly refreshed and happier because I met him. He made my night better and I am so glad to have met him. All the best for the future Charles. You were a brilliant friend for five minutes.”

Charles, a partner-driver from Leeds

“Charles is the man! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, I’m glad our paths crossed because you’ve made my head a lot clearer now, and my housemate has just told me he rode with you too! Everyone could learn something from you and you are an amazing human being, keep it up dude. Hopefully see you again sometime soon.”

-Charles, a partner-driver from Leeds

“Thanks for the ride. Really enjoyed the friendly chat and listening to my favourite violin concerto on the radio.”

Talat, a partner-driver from Birmingham