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What to do if a rider leaves an item in your car

June 18, 2019 / United Kingdom

You know the situation: you’ve just dropped off a rider, you’re already on the way to pick up the next – maybe they’re just hopping in the back – when you notice an unattended phone sitting in the backseat. Don’t worry, it happens to every driver and it’s no problem to return an item to a forgetful passenger.

What to do if you find a lost item

If someone leaves something in your car after an Uber ride, the first thing you should do is create a report:

  • Go to the “Help” section, choose “Trip Issues & Adjustments”, then “I found an Item” (you can also do this online via the Help Centre)
  • Leave a description and a photo of the item and opt in to share your number with the rider
  • The rider should get in touch in order to arrange a time to pick up the lost item

Note: If you’re not sure when the item was lost, or which rider lost it, just select “I found an item for an unknown trip” in the “I found an item” menu.

If you’d rather not share your number with the rider to contact you, that’s fine – we can coordinate with the rider on your behalf.

A rider may also report the item missing in that time and may try to contact you by calling via the Uber app – or we’ll reach out to you if they contact us instead.

In the meantime, we ask that you keep the item safely in your possession until you’re able to return it. If you still haven’t received any response or contact from the rider after 48 hours, you can drop the lost item off at your local Greenlight Hub for convenience’s sake.

Note: If the item is a lost wallet and you have been unable to get in touch with the rider, please drop it off at a police station. Greenlight Hubs will not be able to accept lost wallets.

What items get left behind in Uber rides?

Whilst an item being left behind in your vehicle isn’t a common occurrence, it happens a whole lot according to the Uber Lost & Found Index. In fact, the UK is fourth in Europe when it comes to riders leaving things behind after Uber rides, with France being number one – although London takes the crown when it comes to the most forgetful capitals in Europe. Riders may have left things in your vehicle in the past, but have you ever wondered what mysterious items other drivers have found in their backseats?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that phones and cameras are the most commonly left behind items in the UK, with almost double the number of reports as the second-place runner-up – wallets and purses. The other usual suspects include backpacks and luggage, keys, random articles of clothing and pairs of glasses.

However, things do get stranger: have you ever found an 8-week old chihuahua in the backseat of your car after a ride? No? How about a certificate from the AOP digital publishing awards? A remote-controlled aerial drone? We’re not making it up – people have really found these things left in their cars!

The list goes on: what about a pool cue, 5 litres of olive oil or a set of dentures with only two teeth? We’re still wondering about the olive oil…

Whilst it’s not your responsibility as a driver if someone has left something in your car after a ride, we want our riders to have the best ride experience possible and helping to reunite them with lost items is a part of that.

Regardless, it’s always a good idea to remind riders to take their belongings when they exit your vehicle – they’ll be genuinely thankful if they’ve dropped something without noticing, and it’ll prevent any unusual objects from turning up in your own backseat!