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5 tips for picking up orders

These details make a real difference. From asking where to wait to checking that no french fry is left behind, here are some helpful tips for picking up orders.

5 favorite tips for picking up at restaurants

  1. Be your polite, professional self

    Being polite and professional is always appreciated. The restaurant is trusting you to handle the food they’re proud of, so it’s also smart to dress accordingly for the task.

  2. Look for extra pickup information

    Helpful notes from the business can be found in the app and may include details like where to park or which door to use.

  3. Try to arrive on time

    Restaurants rely on your estimated time of arrival to have their food ready. That’s why it’s best to leave for a pickup once you accept a request, following a safe and direct route.

  4. Ask for the best place to wait

    If the restaurant is busy, asking staff for the best place to wait is a considerate idea. You can also tap Order not ready in the app. This will help us improve the experience over time.

  5. Double-check orders before leaving

    Longtime partners say they double-check orders, particularly for drinks and sides, before heading to the delivery customer so that nothing is left behind.

“I have met a huge number of restaurant employees and owners. I know their stories; they know mine. It’s like we have our own food network.”

—Sonson, Miami