Behind the Wheel with Demetrius: Building Friendships on the Road

February 9, 2016 / Boston

Demetrius, hailing from Revere, was turned on to Uber by his friend Sergio who explained to him that in driving with Uber you can be your own boss and make money—Demetrius was off and running ever since. He says that Uber has been a blessing to him and his family.

“I drive with Uber because it’s an honest way to make money and support my family.”

A key factor in Demetrius’s happiness in driving with Uber has also been the support and community that he has found with other driver-partners. When Demetrius began driving he and his two friends, Sergio and Johnny, created a small support group for one another. The three of them would text and call each other with tips on everything from passenger safety to information on vehicle breakdowns around the city.

What started out as a small group of friends turned into a larger network that the crew have playfully termed “The Money Team”. The driver-partner support group is robust, providing members with pro tips, incentivizing them with weekly competitions for earnings and hosting get togethers where the community can learn and grow together. All of these things make all the difference in keeping each other motivated and supported while they are on the road.


Beyond the support that he receives from driver-partners, Demetrius also says that one of his favorite aspects of Uber is the dedication that the company has to its partners. His favorite story, he explained, is a testament to just that. When Demetrius incurred damage to his vehicle as the result of three passengers, “Uber’s partner support center came to my rescue” and resolved the issue.

Driving with Uber provides many driver-partners with an opportunity to provide for their families but more importantly, provides them with a support network that they can rely on while doing so.

Learn more about Boston’s Partner Support Center here.