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Passenger Transport Licence Code

Additional Information
To comply with new regulations and drive using the Uber driver app, you will be required to get a Passenger Transport Licence Code added to your NSW driver’s licence.

Ten year driver's licence exception

If you have a 10 year driver's licence, you will need to attend a Service NSW to change it to one with a 5 year expiry or less. Once you have a 5 year licence you can apply for a PTLC at Service NSW.

Why this is required

As per the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) website, a PTLC cannot be added to a licence with an expiry date more than 5 years in the future. You can read more about this on the RMS website.

What it will cost

We understand that Service NSW will issue a partial refund for the difference in expiry years remaining on your licence.

To find your nearest Service NSW, please follow this link.

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