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Uber Comfort

Experienced partners, comfortable rides.

With Uber Comfort, riders will pay a little extra to be matched with experienced, top-rated driver-partners who have newer cars.

To be eligible to receive trip requests with Uber Comfort, you’ll need to meet the criteria below.


  • Have completed at least 500 trips
  • Maintain a minimum rating of 4.85
  • Drive an eligible model vehicle that is manufactured in 2013 or later*


*Uber reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend this list of vehicle requirements and/or accepted vehicles at any time.

Riders who request Uber Comfort are paying a bit extra, so they expect an even better experience.

Introducing Ride Preferences

When a rider requests an Uber Comfort trip, they will be able to indicate the below preferences, which will be shown in your Driver app when you arrive at their pickup location.


Whether your rider prefers a warm or cool climate.


Whether your rider needs to focus or is free to chat.

Extended pickup times

Riders using Uber Comfort will have a little more time before they can be charged a cancellation fee. Riders will pay higher per-minute wait time fees on Uber Comfort than UberX.

Here are a few things top driver-partners have told us they do to provide excellent service:

  • Performing pickups, dropoffs and navigation confidently
  • Keeping the vehicle clean
  • Making sure the car smells clean and fresh
  • Running GPS in silent mode
  • Being friendly, courteous and professional

Uber Comfort is currently available in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Canberra.

The Service Fee for Uber Comfort trips is the same as the Service Fee for UberX.

You will automatically receive Uber Comfort trip requests if you meet the requirements, are online and have enabled UberX/UberPool trip requests.

When you’re picking up a rider with Uber Comfort, you will receive a notification after you’ve accepted the trip.

You will receive a notification letting you know if you’re completing an Uber Comfort trip after you’ve accepted the trip, rather than before you accept it. This is so that you you’ll be notified on your way to pick up riders and you know that they’re expecting that little bit extra.

If your average rating over your last 500 trips falls below 4.85 you will stop receiving Uber Comfort trips. If your rating returns to 4.85 or above you will once again begin receiving Uber Comfort trips.

While Uber Comfort is an exciting new ride option which offers riders more options when requesting trips, we expect riders will continue to love UberX. You can expect a mix of trips from different Uber ride options.

In order to receive Uber Comfort trips, you must be opted in to receive UberX and Pool trips.

Yes, driver-partners that are eligible for Uber Comfort will also still receive UberX trip requests.