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Queensland State Regulations

Below is a list of the key regulatory requirements as part of the Private Transportation Regulations which will assist you in complying with your requirements as a ride-booking driver in QLD.

Driver Licensing

Booked Hire / Taxi Driver’s Authorisation (BHTX DA)

All driver-partners in Queensland must hold a valid Booked Hire / Taxi (BHTX) category of DA. Valid Limo DA and Taxi DA’s are also acceptable for existing DA Holders.

Ride-booking (Uber) driver-partners do not need to display an Authorised Queensland Taxi Driver display card, although one will still be sent to you by the DTMR along with your DA card. Note that you should carry your DA card (or Interim Authority) on you at all times when you are using the Uber Driver App.

It is also a condition of your DA that you comply with a no alcohol (Blood Alcohol Content of 0.0%) and no drug limit whilst providing ride-booking services (using the Uber App). Read the Frequently Asked Questions on the TMR website here.

Vehicle Licensing

Booked Hire Service Licence (BHSL)

The DTMR requires you to hold a current Booked Hire Service licence for every vehicle you wish to drive on the Uber platform. To apply for a Booked Hire Service Licence, the vehicle must have a current Certificate of Inspection (COI) and the relevant class of CTP. The full process to apply for a BHSL can be found here.

Certificate of Inspection

All vehicles must have a current Certificate of Inspection (COI) or be eligible for an exemption. To be eligible for an exemption, the vehicle must have been first registered within the last 12 months.

If you are not sure whether you have a Certificate of Inspection, you can email DTMR at to have them check for you.

A Certificate of Inspection is valid for 12 months from the date of issue - you can find the issue date on your certificate.

CTP (Compulsory Third Party Insurance)

All Vehicles must have the relevant class of CTP in order to apply for a BHSL.

  • For a Privately Held Vehicle - Class 26 CTP is required.
  • For Rental of Leased Vehicles - Class 4 CTP is required.*
  • You can find out more about CTP obligations here.

*If you plan on sourcing an eligible vehicle through a renting or leasing company, talk to your provider to see if they include the Booked Hire Service Licence with the car you you’ve hired.

Applying for your BHSL

There are 2 ways to apply for a Booked Hire Service licence. You can apply for it online or you can download the hardcopy form and submit it to your nearest DTMR Customer Service Centre. You will need to upload this document to your Uber account prior to the 15th of January to ensure you retain access to the platform.

Identification Signage (Window Stickers)

The DTMR requires all driver-partners to display Uber identification stickers on the rear and front windscreens in the bottom left-hand corner.

These stickers must be affixed to your vehicle at all times when using the Uber App and should be removed when you’re offline.

You can obtain a pair of window stickers by requesting for them to be mailed to you here.

Pick-ups & Drop-offs

All Uber trips must be pre-booked through the Uber App. Driver-partners cannot pick-up or drop-off customers at a Taxi Rank, stand (wait) at a Taxi Rank or be hailed off the street. More information is available from DTMR here.

Driver-partners must also comply with local council traffic rules (e.g. avoid stopping in Bus Zones, Yellow Lines, Clearway, No Standing Zones, etc.).

Penalties may apply for stopping or parking in an incorrect location. We suggest checking and following the local traffic signage to ensure you comply with Government and Council requirements.

Note that some councils designate areas for picking up and dropping off passengers, such as loading zones. The Brisbane City Council has prepared a helpful brochure with information on different parking signage and rules. We suggest contacting your local council for further information on local parking and stopping rules.

All requirements

DTMR Information

To see the complete requirements and for more information please visit the DTMR website at the link below, or contact DTMR directly on 13 23 80. Please note that this information is current as at June 2018. For the most up to date information please see the DTMR website.

Get in contact

If you have any questions regarding your Uber account please visit, contact our 24/7 customer support through your Driver App, visit us in person at the Brisbane Greenlight Hub, or contact us via our phone support line.