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Get a licence in Australia

With millions of riders all over the world, Uber is a great way to make money – but first you need a licence to operate as a driver-partner in your city.

Get a Driver's Authorisation

  • 1. Complete a medical

    You are required to get a commercial standards medical check as part of your DA application. You can do this at your preferred GP, however, prices may vary so we recommend shopping around. Some GPs also offer discounts for Uber driver-partners at their discretion.

  • 2. Submit DA application

    Complete your DA application forms through your online login and lodge your application with your local Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) branch. It typically takes 2-3 weeks for your application to be approved.

  • 3. Upload your DA

    We will give you a courtesy call once your DA has been approved by DTMR. If it’s been over three weeks since submitting your DA application and you haven’t heard from us, you can contact the DTMR on 13 23 80 to follow up on your application status. Once approved upload your interim authority or blue DA card to your Uber account.


The requirements may vary from city to city.

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Transport Licence Code

To comply with new regulations and drive using the Uber driver app, you will be required to get a Passenger Transport Licence Code added to your NSW driver’s licence.

Apply for a Passenger Transport Licence Code

If you’re happy for Uber to submit a PTLC application to the RMS on your behalf along with a copy of your driver licence, simply complete the online form.

Out of State Driving History

An out of state driving history is required if you have lived interstate and have not held a full New South Wales licence for twelve months (please note that some state governments will charge a fee for requesting an interstate driving history).

Uber requires:

  • The first issue date of your Australian driver licence; and
  • Previous suspensions, DUI’s or other traffic offences

Select your state/territory below to more information:

  • You can request your Victorian driving history from VicRoads online using the link below.

  • You can request your Tasmanian driving history by downloading and completing the ‘Request for Information’ form and sending it to

  • Renewed your QLD licence more than 12 months ago?

    You can request a ‘Traffic History’ online. This will show the last time your licence was renewed, as well as any penalties or disqualifications.

    QLD traffic history

    Renewed your QLD licence in the last 12 months?

    Uber will need to determine when you were first issued your licence. There are two ways to do this:

    1. Either request a ‘Licence History’ below; or
    2. Provide a photograph of your Queensland licence.
  • You can request your SA driving history using the link below.

  • You can request your ACT driving history by completing the ‘ACT Search of Records’ form and sending it to

  • You must evidence the following if previously driving in Western Australia.

    • Licence first issue date

    For the first issue date of their licence you can call 13 11 56 to request the results, which will be emailed to you shortly.

    Alternatively, you can take a photo of both sides of your driver licence to evidence the first issue date.

    • Record of Traffic Infringement Notice

    For disqualifications and penalties, you must download and fill out the 'Record of Traffic Infringement Notices' form.

Ready to submit your Driving History documents?

Before you do, make sure you have the relevant documents ready to submit. To submit your documents, you can email them to


  • Driving History document


  • Traffic History document; and
  • Photo of your QLD Licence OR Licence History document


  • Record of Traffic Infringement Notice; and
  • Licence first issue date OR provide a photo of both sides of your WA licence

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The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your country, region or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.