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Out of State Driving History

Submission Process
Information for acquiring an out of state driving history if partnering with Uber in New South Wales.


An out of state driving history is required if you have lived interstate and have not held a full New South Wales license for twelve months.

Please note that some state governments will charge a fee for requesting an interstate driving history

Uber requires:

  • The first issue date of your Australian drivers licence; and
  • Previous suspensions, DUI’s or other traffic offences

Select your state/territory

In order to obtain your out of state driving history, identify your state/territory and following the instructions below to request it.


Renewed your QLD licence more than 12 months ago?

You can request a ‘Traffic History’ online. This will show the last time your licence was renewed, as well as any penalties or disqualifications.


Renewed your QLD licence in the last 12 months?

Uber will need to determine when you were first issued your licence. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Either request a ‘Licence History' below; or
  2. Provide a photograph of your Queensland licence.

Ready to submit your Driving History documents?

Before you do, make sure you have the relevant documents ready to submit:


  • Driving History document


  • Traffic History document; and
  • Photo of your QLD Licence OR Licence History document


  • Record of Traffic Infringement Notice; and
  • Licence First Issue Date OR provide a photo of both sides of your WA licence

To submit your documents, you can email them to

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