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Regulatory requirements

Driver-partners using the Uber app in Tasmania are required to hold an Ancillary Certificate and a X-Condition. Follow the steps below to get authorised to drive using Uber in Tasmania.
What you need to do

The authorisation process overview

1. Lodge a background check & obtain a working with children check

As part of the Uber signup process, driver-partners are required to pass a criminal background check through National Crime Check (NCC).Initiate your registration to work with vulnerable people online using the Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS) website. It can take up to 6 weeks to process. Once complete, upload a copy of your approved registration to your Uber driver account.

2. Have your vehicle inspected

Pass an accredited vehicle safety inspection with the Royal Automotive Club of Tasmania (RACT).

3. Get an Ancillary Certificate & X-Condition

Regulations in Tasmania require drivers using the Uber app to hold an Ancillary Certificate & X-Condition. To apply, take the required documents (listed below) with you to a Service Tasmania shop location. Further information and locations are included below.

Steps in detail

Getting authorised

Before you apply

Before you can apply for an Ancillary Certificate and X-Condition, you’ll need get a Work with Vulnerable People Check and vehicle inspection .

Register to work with vulnerable people (WWVP)

Start by applying online using the registration details specified below:

  • Class of registration: Employment/volunteer
  • Child-related activity: Child transport service (includes all Public Passenger Vehicle Ancillary Certificate holders)
  • Regulated Body Name: Registrar of Motor Vehicles

To complete your registration, take your work with vulnerable people application reference number with you to a Service Tasmania Shop.

Apply now ❯

Aready registered to work with vulnerable people in Tasmania?

If your registration has a class of 'Employment' or 'Employment/Volunteer', you’re all set. Simply take a photo of your card and upload it to your profile at If the class is ‘volunteer’ you will need to upgrade it on the Tasmania Government website.

Upload your work with vulnerable people (WWVP) registration

The Department of justice will advise the outcome of your registration to work with vulnerable people. Once this happens, upload a photo of your approval receipt to your Uber account.

Get a vehicle inspection

Visit the Inspections page for more information.

Get an Ancillary Certificate and X-Condition

As part of the ridesharing regulations in Tasmania all uberX driver-partners are required to hold an Ancillary Certificate and be issued an appropriate X-condition. To apply, visit a Service Tasmania Shop and be sure to take all required documents with you.

Required documents:

  1. Registration to work with vulnerable people
  2. National police check
  3. Vehicle inspection report
  4. Colour passport quality photo
  5. Application form (MR48)
  6. Ridesource duty exemption form (only if you intend to drive a vehicle owned by someone else)
  7. Out of state driving record (only if you have had your Tasmanian licence for less than 12 months)
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Already hold an Ancillary Certificate?

You’ll still need to have an application submitted to the Department of State Growth to be issued the X-condition necessary for ridesharing in Tasmania.

ABN and GST Registration

Driver-partners must be GST registered and provide an Australian Business Number (ABN) in order to access the Uber app. If you haven’t already, you can register for GST via the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website. Alternatively, you can do this through services like AirTax, which are free of charge.

You can provide your ABN details and confirm that you are registered for GST in the ‘Invoice Settings’ section of your Partner Dashboard. Scroll down to fill in the field marked “Australian Business Number (ABN)”, Company/Legal name, and confirm that you are registered for GST.

ANCAP vehicle safety policy

All vehicles must have a 5-Star ANCAP rating or fall under our vehicle exemption policy to qualify for the Uber platform. Vehicles that do not meet our requirements will not be eligible to receive trip requests, and may be deleted from your account.

You can find out whether your vehicle has a 5-Star ANCAP rating at

For more information on our vehicle safety and exemption policies, use the link below.

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