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Get a licence

[City] [Driver Authority/Rideshare licence] requirements
Here’s what you need to do to get a [Driver Authority/Rideshare Licence] in [State].
Get started

Get a [driver authority] in [City]

1. Get a background check

Sign up online and upload your front of driver licence, back of driver licence and passport or birth certificate. We’ll order and send you a background check within 14 days, free of charge!

2. Complete a medical

Visit a medical centre we have partnered with locally or alternatively visit your own GP. You can find the commercial standards medical check here.

You can complete your medical while you wait on your background check to get on the road sooner.

3. Apply for an [driver-authority]

Take your background check, medical and completed [driver authority] application form to a local Department of Transport Centre or any post office near you.

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