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How do we learn what works best?

We’re constantly developing new products and features to make the Uber network better in ways that reflect our principles and benefit drivers, riders, and cities.

How do pilots work?

We have 2 approaches when piloting new features: one comparing a test group to a control group, and the other observing how a change affects the entire marketplace.

A/B tests

We periodically measure how new features, pricing changes, or special offers perform for randomly selected groups of drivers and riders. We then compare those results to a control group that is using Uber’s network without any of the new changes.

Marketplace-wide pilots

We roll out a pilot version of our new product or feature in a single city or multiple cities, and observe how our network evolves and adapts to the new changes over time. We use this approach when a new feature or product may have a complex set of effects and we want to ensure that the marketplace remains healthy and balanced.

What is Uber currently piloting?

At any given time, Uber is piloting a wide range of new products and features. Some of the new products and features that we have been working on lately relate to:

• Multimodal transportation

• New features to address driver preferences

• Rider subscriptions

• New rider and driver promotions

Some of the features described on this page do not apply or are not available in California and in markets outside of the US. As we work to improve the marketplace, we may test functionality and pricing in ways not described on this page.