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Government Transparency Report

Uber is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our users and supporting the growth of cities. Our Government Transparency Report demonstrates our commitment to advancing these goals when it comes to responding to requests for user information.

In this report, Uber is sharing an overview of information that we provided to airports, public health officials, government regulators, and law enforcement agencies in the US and Canada between January 1 and December 31, 2022.

Our data sharing commitments

Protect user privacy

Being good data stewards means more than just protecting the data we collect. For all requests, we work closely with the local authority to understand the legal basis for their request and determine which data is most useful and necessary, taking care to minimize the amount of information that could potentially identify an individual.

Support community development and safety

When cities thrive, Uber thrives. We’ve worked with cities around the world to identify and use data to support important policy initiatives, including those that enable a diversity of mobility options, improve public safety, and reduce emissions.

Be transparent about government requests for our users’ data

We want to stimulate a public discussion about why and when companies are required to disclose data to government agencies. That’s why we include requests from multiple types of agencies in this report. We also support regulations that hold private and public entities legally accountable to users for the personal data they collect.

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