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Public health requests

In response to a significant increase in data requests related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Uber partnered with public health experts to build a dedicated response process for inquiries from public health authorities (PHAs) related to outbreaks or cases that could affect users on our platform. In this 2020 report, we are reporting public health disclosures for the first time due to the importance of our partnership with PHAs during the pandemic. Uber will re-evaluate the relevance of reporting this information annually based on the number of requests received.

The Uber Guidelines for Public Health Authorities are consistent with our Law Enforcement Guidelines and our Privacy Notice.

2020 public health requests

The table below represents the number of data requests as well as the number of users affected by these requests, and how often we have responded with relevant information.

2020 public health requests

Number of data requests

Number of requests where some user data was disclosed

Number of users whose data was disclosed

Percentage of requests where some user data was disclosed¹

United States















¹Percentages are calculated based on the number of requests where some user data was disclosed (i.e., one or more user account) divided by the number of data requests. For requests where no data was disclosed, it was typically due to either duplicate request submissions or no data being available.

Frequently asked questions

  • Uber always provides notice to users after the disclosure of their data to a public health authority.

  • Uber may put temporary holds on user accounts in connection with a public health issue as described in the "Placing User Accounts on Hold" section of our Guidelines for Public Health Authorities.

  • Uber will make emergency disclosures of user information to public health authorities in cases where a public health emergency has been officially declared, or where a PHA certifies that the request is related to a public health emergency even where no state of emergency has been officially declared.

  • The data within this column in the table above is counted on an individual request/disclosure basis. For example, the same Uber account may be specified across separate requests and disclosures. In this instance, the user would be counted twice within the column.

  • We perform various audits and corrections of our data in advance of the release of the Transparency Report.