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Why Safety Matters

We understand how important it is to feel safe in cities. We want you to make the very most of the place you love; whoever you are, whatever your gender, whatever your background, wherever you might find yourself. And it’s our job to provide the tools and technology to help ensure you get from A to B safely.

That’s why safety has been designed into every single feature of the Uber app. With a few simple clicks, you can do everything from checking your driver’s identity, to following your best friend’s journey home. We invite you to take a minute to get to know what’s there, so that next time you or your loved ones need a ride, you’ll be all set.

Safety Stories

We’ve all got our own reasons why safety is important to us. Hear why safety matters to a driver and organisations who are working to make safer streets, for women, minorities, and everyone else, in cities across the UK.

  • Safe & the City

    From telling you the nearest Safe Site if you feel scared, to helping people rate safe walking routes in the city, Safe & the City brings Uber style safety technology to your walk home or when you're on-the-go.

  • Home Safe

    Home Safe refunds rides for anyone who can’t afford a safe ride home - whether that's with Uber or another ride hail service. Uber has partnered with Home Safe to provide £10,000 to cover trips for those that need it.

  • A driver's perspective

    Hear first-hand from a driver about their experiences driving with Uber and what safety means to them on the platform.


Our Safety Features

Learn more about the in-app safety features that help keep you safe.

Share my trip

Looking out for her sisterhood matters to @asmaelbadawi. With Share My Trip we’ll remind you to let a trusted contact know both when you’re travelling and when you’ve safely arrived. Peace of mind for all involved.


Staying safe on the road matters to @reystyles. With RideCheck technology, if your car stops for an unusually long time or looks like it might have been in an accident, we’ll reach out to check that everything’s OK.


The freedom to be yourself matters. That’s why we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, by anyone using the platform. So - you do you @reystyles @shahvenchi @versarxhie.

DBS Checks

Once a mum, always a mum, @trayslounge. All of our drivers are DBS checked so you can feel completely sure that your precious cargo is in good hands getting from A to B.

Real-Time ID Check

Knowing who’s driving matters to @asmaelbadawi. Regular compulsory Real-Time ID Checks mean that you can be sure that only licensed and verified drivers are behind the wheel.

Emergency Button

Reassurance on the road matters to Vincent. One click of our emergency button alerts emergency services as to where you are and what trip you’re taking. Help is at hand.

Learn more about safety

Driver safety

We care just as much about the wellbeing of our drivers as we do our riders. Find out more about how the app works to help you feel safe while you’re driving with Uber.

Rider safety

From COVID-19 measures to Customer Support, find out more about what we are doing to help keep you safe while you ride with us.