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Certificate of Motor Insurance and Uber

Choosing the correct insurance

If you’d like to deliver with Uber Eats using a car, motorbike or scooter, you’ll need a Certificate of Motor Insurance (which covers food delivery, or hire and reward not excluding food delivery).

A delay in renewing and uploading insurance documents to your Uber account will delay your ability to go online.

Choosing your insurer

While you’re free to choose your insurance provider, the companies below offer flexible options including hourly, monthly and annual policies, and automatically upload your insurance certificate directly to your Uber account.

This means that if you do choose to purchase an insurance policy from one of these insurance providers, you won’t need to manually upload any insurance documents to your Uber account - the insurance provider will take care of that for you.

Tap below to learn more about cover from Zego for cars, scooters and motorcycles:

Tap below to learn more about cover for cars from other integrated insurance partners:

Our commitment to your safety

Find out more about the safety features designed into the Uber experience including Partner Protection with Allianz.


  • Using selected insurance providers who are able to upload insurance documents directly to Uber:

    • minimises issues with document uploads, such as poor image quality; and
    • helps enable faster acceptance vs manual picture upload

    To complete deliveries via Uber Eats on the Uber platform using a car, motorbike or scooter, you must provide a copy of your Certificate of Motor Insurance to Uber.

  • To see all the requirements for a Certificate of Motor Insurance, you can visit the link below.

    • Your Certificate of Motor Insurance
    • Insurance policy start date and time
    • Insurance policy expiry date and time
    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • Your telephone number
    • Your insurance policy number
    • Your number plate
  • Uber requires a valid policy at any given time when on the Uber platform. If you purchase the policy from one of the Uber approved insurance providers and agree to data sharing, the renewals will be directly uploaded to Uber by the insurance provider. If you partner with other insurance providers you will need to manually upload the document each time the policy renews.

  • If you have a courier account on the Uber platform, then the new insurance certificate will, where you agree to data sharing, be directly sent to Uber by any of the Uber selected insurance providers you have purchased your cover from.