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uberASSIST – making our city more accessible

April 11, 2018 / Hong Kong

Here at Uber, we are evolving the way cities move. By seamlessly connecting riders to driver-partners through our app, we make cities more accessible. This is whyAssist is in Hong Kong. Since 2017, we have been taking another extra step to lend a helping hand to the community.

About Assist

Assist is an option designed for anyone in need, especially seniors, expectant mothers, people with disabilities or going through rehabilitation, and those who may just feel more comfortable with an extra hand. With the push of a button, you will be matched with well trained Assist driver-partners.

All Assist services are provided by top-rated driver-partners who have completed hands-on and in-person educational sessions led by Bamboos Professional Nursing Services, SILENCE, and Hong Kong Blind Union,  authorized and endorsed by Hong Kong Health Care Federation. During the sessions, driver-partners go through different exercises including demonstrations on how to fold and unfold wheelchairs and how to guide people with visual impairments.

Who is eligible?

Assist is for people who need an extra hand e.g. disabled, visually or hearing impaired, seniors, and expectant mothers. To make sure these riders can promptly receive additional assistance during their commute, request Assist only when there is genuine need.

How to request  uberASSIST?

  1. Open your Uber app
  2. Set your pickup location and destination
  3. Swipe left and select uberASSIST
  4. Confirm and request your ride

What is the fare?

Assist is a special service that offers assistance to senior citizens and individuals with accessibility needs. With just a push of a button, they can request rides at uberX fare.



  • Most of the Assist vehicles are not equipped with hydraulic ramps or lifts for electric or motorized wheelchairs.
  • Assist driver-partner may take 5-15 minutes from where they were to your specified pick up spot.