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An elevated experience with Comfort: a spacious vehicle that gives you extra legroom

December 12, 2019 / Hong Kong

Introducing Comfort 

An elevated ride option which means more than just a vehicle. It gives you the space to relax by providing a spacious legroom and personalised riding experience:

  • Vehicles – you will be matched with only spacious and newer vehicles (examples: BMW 3-series, Honda Freed)
  • Personalised experience – when you book your ride, you can request a quiet ride or a chatty one; the in-vehicle temperature can also be warm, hot, cool or cold upon your request
  • Professional service – we select only the top-rated driver-partners maintaining at least a 4.85 rating

Your driver-partner will be able to see your specific wishes after accepting your request.

How to use Ride Preferences for your Comfort trip:

  1. Enter or choose your destination and select Comfort
  2. Confirm your pick-up location
  3. Choose the temperature in the car (warm, hot, cool, cold) and whether you want to ride in a silence or are open to a chatty ride
  4. Tap on “Confirm Preferences”