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Walk a little, save a lot

UberPool matches you with riders heading in the same direction, so you can share the cost.

How UberPool works



When you order your Pool trip, we’ll ask you to wait 2 minutes while we find a nearby rider going your way, so you can share the cost of the trip.



The app will direct you to a nearby pick-up point where you can meet your driver after a short walk (no more than 250 meters, or around 4 minutes).



Pool will give drivers the most direct route to each rider and their drop-off points. This means you may be also be dropped off a short distance from final destination.

What’s different about UberPool

Pickups along the way

We’ll look for riders along your route to fill empty seats in the car. Be polite and respectful at all times - together, you’re saving money.

It takes a little longer

With extra riders, it may take a little longer to get there, but you’ll always see your estimated arrival time in the app. If you’re in a rush, try UberX.

Beat your driver to the pickup

When you time your ride right, Pool can be great. Be at the pick-up point before your driver arrives to make sure no one in your car is kept waiting.

Room for two

You can ride Pool with a friend, but if you’re riding with more than 2 people or extra luggage, it’s best to request UberX or UberXL.


What to expect along the way

  • Is there room for my luggage?

    It depends on the space in the car and number of riders. If you’re traveling with luggage, we recommend trying UberX.

  • What if I have more than 2 people?

    It’s a party! UberPool only allows 2 per request, but you can use UberX or UberXL for larger groups.

  • How long will it take to pick up other riders?

    On average, riding with UberPool only adds a few minutes to your overall trip time. We’ll always show your estimated arrival time in the app as you ride.

  • I was picked up first. Why was I dropped off second?

    Pickup and dropoff order is determined by where your destination falls along the route, not the order of who was picked up first.

  • Is there a limit to how many people we’ll pick up on my trip?

    Riders can hop in and out during your trip. If all empty seats are filled, we’ll stop looking for extra riders. Additionally, we’ll stop looking for extra riders to make sure you meet your arrival time.

  • What if my co-rider takes us out of the way?

    Though some pickups and dropoffs may be slightly out of the way, we’ll always do our best to make sure you arrive by the time shown in the app.

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