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Finding the right vehicle for you

When you drive with Uber, you’re running your own business - and, like any business, you’ll incur some costs. These can include your vehicle, fuel, insurance and paying for your private hire licence and you’ll need to offset them against the fares you receive from riders.

Your vehicle will likely be one of your highest costs so it’s important you make the best choice - both for your present situation and in the long term.

Our Vehicle Solutions team, who are focused on finding the best rental and finance deals for drivers, have created this guide to help you pick the car ownership model that will keep your costs as low as possible.

Helping you choose

The right vehicle ownership option for you

  • How long do you think you might spend driving on the Uber app?

    If you’re not looking to commit to partnering with Uber for a long period of time, flexi-leasing and rental lets you hand back your car at any point, and other costs, like insurance and maintenance, are included in the price you pay.

    If you’re interested in driving on the Uber app for an ongoing period of time, buying a car outright and buying a car through financing offer the lowest weekly costs.

  • Do you have money put aside to get you started with a vehicle?

    If you have some money you can use for a deposit, then it’s worth looking into leasing, financing or buying, which may ultimately help you save costs later on. If not, you can still rent a vehicle with deposits starting at £250.

  • How flexibly do you want to use the Uber app?

    With Uber, you can work or not at the touch of a button - and it’s up to you if, when, where, for how long and how often you want to drive.

    If you’re thinking of combining driving with Uber with work you do elsewhere or you’ll be spending periods of time off the road, renting a car gives you more flexibility - and minimum stress when it comes to insuring and maintaining a vehicle. Rental costs usually cover all costs - and your rental firm will likely find you a new car if you do have problems with it that prevent you driving it. However, you should be aware that with this convenience comes a higher weekly cost.

Helping you choose

It's drive time

Below you’ll find an overview of the vehicle options we think might suit your plans, and what we think to be the pros and cons of each. Remember, the terms of any of these options will vary from provider to provider, so this is a guide only.

[*Cost estimates are based on public information available in 2017 and collated from large rental providers. The cost estimates relate to averages across a range of different vehicle types. These costs are estimates only. We strongly recommend you carefully review the terms of any vehicle company offering. If you're not sure, we recommend you get independent financial advice.]

Helping you choose

Alternative options to uberX

  • UberEXEC

    UberEXEC is a more luxury product, with more spacious cars, a higher expectation of professionalism from drivers and a higher price point for riders. UberEXEC partner-drivers also pay a higher percentage of the fare as a service fee to Uber, compared to uberXL and uberX. As a new driver, you can’t become an UberEXEC driver right away - you need to maintain a certain rating over a number of trips (4.85 over 1000 trips in London and 4.7 over 500 trips in other UK cities).

    You should also be aware that because demand is lower for UberEXEC rides, there is sometimes a waiting list to switch to UberEXEC and in some cities (e.g. London) onboarding for UberEXEC is not currently open.

  • uberXL

    uberXL cars must be able to accommodate at least 6 passengers and are frequently used by riders travelling with luggage or to move bulky items. Fares on uberXL have a slightly higher rate than uberX. You can join the Uber app as an uberXL driver right away.

    If you are an UberEXEC or uberXL driver, you will also have the option to receive uberX trips, and will receive the same fare as for uberX rides.

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