How to keep your Uber account secure

January 21, 2019 / United Kingdom

Whether it’s your phone pin, your bank details or the password for your email account, online security has never been more important. Your Uber account is no different, as it contains your personal information — it’s crucial to keep it secure. To help, we’ve put together an Uber security checklist of handy tips.


Why and when you should change your password

Your password helps to keep your account safe. If you think someone might have gotten hold of your login details for any reason, or if something unusual appears in your account, you should change your password right away – and changing it is easy:

  • From the app, open the menu bar
  • Tap Settings and then Account settings
  • Tap on your details and then select your password to change it


Keeping information updated

If you can’t login to your account and need to reset your password using the “I forgot my password” option, we’ll need to verify that it’s you resetting it. To do this, we’ll use the phone number and/or email address that you’ve provided, so keeping this information up-to-date is essential.


Data Encryption

With Uber, data encryption is built directly into the app so your information can’t be taken from your account. That means when you enter your credit card information into the app, it’s hidden so it can’t be stolen even if someone gets into your account.


Security Tips

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful with your account. Even if your account is readily recoverable, it’s always better, and less of a hassle, to avoid a security breach in the first place. These are some very basic security measures you should follow whatever you’re doing online:

  • Don’t share your login details or mobile devices with others
  • If you receive an email asking for your details from Uber or any other service you use, clarify the issue with their Customer Service
  • Always hide your password when entering it in a public area
  • Try to use a different password for every account you have. A password manager can help
  • Consider using a passphrase, which is longer and contains symbols and spaces, rather than a password

If you have any further security troubles or specific questions about your account, our team is always available through our Help section to guide you.

Great – now that’s out of the way, you’re ready to ride!