uberPOOL: what’s new?

September 14, 2017 / London

The uberPOOL mission is to bring cheaper, smarter shared rides to London.

To help us get there, we’re making a few changes to the way uberPOOL works in the capital. Riding with Uber should always be a great experience – for both you and your driver.


uberPOOL at Heathrow Airport

From 20 September, you’ll no longer be able to request uberPOOL at Heathrow Airport. We want riders and drivers to have a seamless experience at the airport but if matched riders are at different terminals, or there’s not enough room for all the luggage, it can become slow and uncomfortable – which no one wants after a long flight.

If you’re heading to Heathrow Airport from Zones 1 or 2 you’ll still be able to request a ride with uberPOOL as usual.


uberPOOL and zoning

If your uberPOOL trip starts in Zone 1 or 2, you can go anywhere inside the M25. You’ll only be able to take an uberPOOL trip from Zone 3 if you’re going to Zones 1 or 2. If you’re starting in Zone 4, you’ll only be able to go to Zone 1 with uberPOOL.

Trips that take place outside of the more central London zones are less likely to have two riders heading the same way, but uberPOOL works best when there are multiple riders sharing the car – for drivers, the environment and the city. This change will increase the chance of uberPOOL trips being shared.


A change to pricing

We’re making changes to the uberPOOL discount compared to uberX, depending on which day and time you travel. We’re doing this to ensure our partner-drivers can make good earnings from uberPOOL rides, even if it’s during hours where the chance of matching with another rider is low.

If you choose uberPOOL on a weekend or between 8pm-4am Mon-Fri, you’ll still pay 25% less than similar uberX trips.

However, if you choose uberPOOL on Mon-Fri, between 4am-8pm, you’ll pay 15% less compared to similar uberX trips.

We’re always looking at ways to make riding with Uber easier, quicker and more affordable for you. Keep your eye out for other changes we’re working on to make your Uber experience even better.

Your fare will be the price presented upon booking (including any surcharge or promotions) and will be 15% or 25%, as applicable, cheaper than similar uberX trips with the exception of (1) uberX minimum fare trips, or (2) POOL trips involving 2 riders in your pickup. The price presented upon booking may change upon the you changing your destination.