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Got a question? How to contact Uber

October 23, 2020 / United Kingdom

To the app

Whatever your issue, Uber has a variety of user-friendly support features to make sure that you get the help you need, regardless of the situation.

Sort it with in-app support

One way to contact Uber is under the ‘Help’ section in your app, where you’ll find info and answers on various rider-related topics. Whether you need to report an issue with your ride, verify a payment problem or change your payment options, you can sort it out there.

Uber’s in-app help section also offers advice on various rider topics, such as how to retrieve a lost item. Maybe your question involves Uber rides to and from the airport, or opening an Uber account for your business. You might even want to know how tipping works with Uber drivers-partners. The answers to these are all available in the app’s support center.

Give us a call

Of course, you can always contact us directly. We operate an Uber support line for riders and drivers 24/7. Just open the “Help” section and select ‘Call Support’ to be connected to our support team via the app. Riders can also get to us the old-fashioned way by simply calling 0808 189 7190.

Online assistance

Help is also available on the website. The online Uber help section provides guides and information on a variety of topics, with dedicated sections for both riders and drivers. Just find the category that matches your issue or just type in a keyword to search for a help page. The Uber website also offers a number of guides on how Uber works, explaining how to use the app and its many handy features.

So, if you have any burning questions about our service or need to resolve an issue, you know who to call. With Uber, support is always ready at hand, whether it’s through the app, the website or with our 24/7 support team.