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Changes to trips in Central London

February 2, 2021 / United Kingdom

How the Central London Fee works

A £1.50 Central London Fee will be added to every trip that starts, ends or passes through the Congestion Charge zone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the following services:

  • UberX
  • UberXL
  • UberExec
  • UberLux
  • UberAssist

Choose Pool for low-cost, sustainable travel

UberPool will not be subject to the Central London Fee, making our low-cost sharing option an even more cost-effective choice. To help make sure you get great service and drivers get consistent earnings, a £1.50 contribution to drivers will be made by Uber for each Pool trip.

Why we are doing this

By adding the Central London Fee to all trips, you’ll get dependable service when you need it. While drivers will keep the flexibility of choosing where and when to drive, maintain their income, and help to reduce congestion and toxic air in Central London.

Safe, affordable travel for everyone

Trips on UberACCESS, our forward-facing wheelchair accessible product, will not pay the Central London Fee. Uber will make a £1.50 contribution to drivers for every UberACCESS trip.

Always know how much you’ll pay

The Central London Fee will be included in your fare estimate before you confirm your trip. And you’ll be able to see the Fee in your receipt at the end of the trip. If you have any questions about this change, please contact us through the app.

As part of the Mayor of London’s plans to reduce congestion, private hire vehicles will need to pay the Congestion Charge (up to £15 per day) when driving in Central London. To support drivers with this change, a £1.50 Central London fee will be added to every trip that starts, ends or passes through the Congestion Charge zone.

Every penny will go directly to drivers, helping them cover some of the costs of the new Congestion Charge, so you can get a fast, reliable ride when you need it.