Auto-offline has changed for the better

September 7, 2017 / United Kingdom

Here’s what’s new thanks to you!

Many of you recently took the time out of your busy schedule to give us some feedback on our auto-offline feature in the app. We wanted to let you know the latest news and the improvements we’re making as a result.

What you told us

You told us that it was frustrating when the app logged you offline and you weren’t able to go back online straight away, as this made you feel under pressure from Uber to confirm trips.

So here’s what we’ve changed…

In order to give you greater control of taking trips, you now have the “No Thanks” button so that you can immediately decline a rider request if you cannot, or don’t want to, take it.

You’ll also now be able to go back online immediately after being logged out of the app.

To maintain a good experience for both riders and partner-drivers, the app will automatically log you offline if you don’t confirm or if you cancel 3 trips in a row. This assumes you’re not able to confirm or complete trips at that time (for example, if you leave your app online by mistake). Don’t worry though – you can go back online as soon as you’re ready to.