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Vehicle Identification

VIC Regulatory Requirement

As of 1 September 2018, whenever you're ‘online’ and completing trips using the Uber app, the local regulations require your vehicle to be identified as a commercial passenger vehicle. This requirement is part of the Victorian Government’s reforms to the commercial passenger vehicle industry. Uber will provide driver-partners with a removable sticker to be displayed on the passenger side of your vehicle's front windscreen.

It’s important that the sticker is placed on the passenger side of the vehicle - not the driver’s side - as Victorian regulations state that it must not be easily removable by a person seated in the driver’s seat.

If it is not properly displayed, or displayed when you are not driving with the Uber app, the local authorities may issue you with a fine. Please note displaying the sticker correctly is the driver's responsibility and Uber does not cover fines relating to the incorrect display of the sticker.

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How do I apply my Uber sticker?

  1. Clean your front windscreen
  2. Apply the sticker to the inside rider side of the front windscreen.
  3. Remove the sticker whenever you go offline.

Pro Tip: When not in use, put the sticker on the piece of paper that it came on. This will help keep its stickiness.


  • Where can I find out more on the new Regulations?

    You can read more about the new Regulations by following this link:


  • I only do UberEats trips, do I still need a sticker?

    No, you only need to display the sticker if you are picking up passengers and taking them from A to B.

  • Can I leave my sticker up when I am not ‘online’ and taking trips?

    No, you are required to display a vehicle identification sticker only when you’re ‘online’ and completing trips using the Uber app. When you’re ‘offline’ you do not need to display the sticker.

  • Do I need to display a sticker when taking UberBLACK trips?

    Yes, commercial passenger vehicle identification is required for trips across pool, uberX, UberBLACK, uberSELECT, uberXL etc

  • I did not get my sticker in the mail, how do I get one?

    Request a sticker to be mailed to you by completing this form.

  • I use more than one vehicle on the Uber app, can I have stickers for those vehicles?

    Yes, you may order an additional sticker for your additional vehicles by completing this form.

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