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Everything you need to know

Here's where you can find more information about the best times and places to drive, pro tips to be a 5-star courier, and current incentives.

When and where to drive

Eaters are able to request delivery across the Greater Houston area and many of the surrounding suburbs. To get the most requests, be online in the busy areas during peak delivery times.

When: All day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are very busy. During the week, most delivery requests happen during lunch (11am – 2pm) and dinner (5pm – 9pm).

Where: The shaded areas on the map typically get the most delivery requests. Downtown, Midtown/Montrose, West U/Upper Kirby, The Galleria/Uptown, and Rice Military are all popular spots for delivery.

Delivery pro tips

Bring everything you need

Bring your phone and delivery bag inside for every pickup and dropoff; this will help restaurants and customers verify the order.

Some partners find an insulated delivery bag to be a great way to help keep food as fresh as possible and avoid spills. You can purchase a bag here for deliveries or use one of your own.

Be mindful of parking and special instructions

Please make sure you are in a legal parking space for restaurant pickup and customer dropoff.

Check your app for special instructions from the restaurant before each pickup for tips on parking and how to find the entrance.

Handle food with care

Make sure to double check the order number and that you have everything the eater ordered from the restaurant.

Place items in the insulated delivery bag. Ensure that the bag is placed in an upright position.

Be friendly and have fun

Don't forget that restaurants and eaters are your customers. You can improve their experience by saying hello, confirming their order, and greeting everyone with a smile!

We're here to help

If you ever need help, let us know. You can contact the Customer Service Hotline directly from the app.

You can also submit your issue through the in-app support function and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Earnings Boost

Image indicates example offers. Your Earnings Boost can be found in-app.

You may have seen Earnings Boosts in the Uber Driver app. They help you earn more while online. Here's how they work:

Earning with Boosts

If you pick up from a restaurant that is in a Boost area, the total fare will be multiplied by that number. For example, if a delivery is $10 and you pick up in an Earnings Boost zone of 1.5x, the fare is boosted to $15.

Updated in real-time

No need to wait to see your earnings. Boosts are added to each trip inside eligible areas and can be viewed on your trip history page in the Uber Driver app.

Live maps

See your Earnings Boosts highlighted on the map when you’re in the app. We'll show you a real-time map of where your Earnings Boosts are offered, allowing you to make informed decisions about where to be online.

Promotions hub

See upcoming promotions in the Uber Driver app by tapping "Earnings" and then "Promotions."

Have other questions? See our Houston delivery page here.