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Delivery by bike

UberEATS in Houston

Use your bicycle to deliver UberEATS from local restaurants straight to hungry Houston eaters. Cycling with UberEATS is a great way to earn money on your own time—and get paid to work out!

How to get started

1. Sign up online

Tell us about yourself by creating your Uber delivery partner profile. You must be 18 or older to deliver with UberEATS on your bike.

2. Pass a background check

To get started, you’ll need to enter your Social Security number and consent to a background check. Once you pass, your account will be automatically activated.

3. Tell us how you want to get your bag

We recommend an insulated backpack for making deliveries and can provide one for you. Once you’re activated, you’ll get a text asking how you want to get your bag. It’s very important that you fill out the form that is sent.

4. Get the app

We’ll be sure to keep you informed and share everything you need to be a success on the road. All that’s left is for you to download the Uber Driver App.

5. Hit the open road

Once you’ve passed the background check and have a bag, you’re all set to go! Your Uber Driver App will help show you the way through every delivery trip. Follow the directions provided to bike to the restaurant and pick up the food order—they’ll be expecting you. Then continue on and deliver it to the eater.

How delivering by bike works

Eaters will order food from their favorite restaurants using the UberEATS app. From there, the order is sent to the restaurant and matched with a delivery partner. As a delivery partner, all you need to do is ride your bike to the restaurant, pick up the food, and deliver it to the eater. The app will give you directions to each restaurant and dropoff location.

When and where to deliver

Bike delivery in Houston is currently limited to the service area on the map.

The best neighborhoods to focus on are Downtown, Midtown, Montrose, West U, the Med Center and the Heights.

The best times to be online are lunch (11am-2pm) and dinner (5-9pm) on weekdays, and all afternoon and evening on weekends.

Bike deliveries are limited to 3.5 miles total, so you’ll never work up too much of a sweat!

Tips and tricks

Become a pro delivery partner

  • For the fastest route, use your navigation app's bike or walking directions
  • If your phone runs out of battery quickly, you may want to purchase a portable charger
  • We'd love to hear from you, provide us with feedback using the in-app support function