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Audio Recording

We’re committed to building new technologies that help make your Uber experience safer so you can ride and drive with confidence.

If you feel uncomfortable during your ride, you can now record the audio of the trip within the app.

Just tap the blue shield to open your Safety Toolkit, then select Record Audio. The trip will be recorded in the app, and you can decide whether to share it with Uber after the ride has ended.

For everyone’s safety

Riders and drivers can record audio through their app to help encourage safe, comfortable interactions on trips. By giving users this control, Uber empowers them to monitor and report uncomfortable situations.

Designed to protect privacy

When a rider or driver uses this feature during a ride, the audio recording will be stored and encrypted on their phone so that no one—not even the person who initiated the recording—can access it. Uber can only access the recording if the user chooses to share it when opening an incident report. Unless this happens, Uber cannot access an audio recording.

Helping Uber investigate

Uber takes safety reports seriously. If a user opens a report with an audio file, the Safety team will review it. Uber will take appropriate action in accordance with its policies.

  • Audio Recording is currently available in more than a dozen countries throughout Africa, Asia, North America, and South America.

  • Where available, riders and drivers can initiate a recording through the in-app Safety Toolkit using their own smartphone. The other party in the vehicle will not be notified at the time the recording begins, though notice has been given to all users that this capability is available, and riders will see a message in their app informing them that audio may be recorded on their trip.

    Don't see Audio Recording in your Safety Toolkit? Make sure you have the latest version of the app.

  • Uber is committed to building technologies that help make your Uber experience safer. The Audio Recording feature is intended to help encourage safe and comfortable interactions while on a trip, determine what happened, and identify the best response after a safety-related incident.

  • We are piloting new safety features for teens and parents/guardians in select cities in Canada. Teen accounts are designed for families on the go with safety features built into the experience for parents/guardians, teenage riders, and drivers. Audio Recording is one of the safety features.

    A teen can opt in to Audio Recording to automatically record every trip they take. The teen can opt out later, if desired, by removing the microphone permission for the Uber app. Once the teen chooses to automatically record their trips, they won’t get a pop-up at the end of every trip, but they can still submit the audio file to Uber with a safety report.

    A teen account on Uber is not a traditional Uber account, and it will be under the supervision of their parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will be made aware of every trip request through teen accounts on Uber and may cancel their teen’s account at any time. Learn more about teen accounts.

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Uber is committed to driver safety. Safety is built into the Driver app and driver experience, from insurance coverage to in-app support.

Rider safety

Millions of rides are requested every day. Every rider has access to safety features built into the app. And every ride has a Support team available if you need them.

User privacy

We take user privacy very seriously. Uber incorporates privacy by design into all our safety tools.