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Under pressure to retain top talent?

Join us April 25 for ways to support employee wellness and professional development through innovative benefits. RSVP here.

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Recruit, retain, and reward your employees

Elevate the employee experience with flexible benefits and perks that support recruiting, productivity, and retention goals, all in one place.

Engage top talent with Uber for Business

With our easy-to-use platform, you can attract new employees on a global scale while keeping existing team members happy, engaged, and committed—wherever they are.


Offer job candidates travel vouchers to interviews, showing them they’re valued and improving their overall experience.

Discover here how Shopify uses Uber for Business to attract top talent.


No matter where your employees work, you can show them you care by offering meals with Uber Eats. Or provide rides to and from the office, work events, and more.

See here how Terminus supported its employees during COVID-19 by offering a $100 monthly stipend to use on Uber Eats.


A little reward goes a long way. Fuel workplace satisfaction by offering meal vouchers for a job well done. Or celebrate employee milestones with gift cards. You can also offer monthly stipends for meals and snacks.

Take a look here at how Riskalyze uses vouchers and gift cards to treat clients and staff.

Return to work

Whether your employees are returning to the office full-time or on a hybrid schedule, make the transition (and the commute) easy with vouchers for rides with Uber.

Check out here how Eataly used Uber for Business to help employees feel safer when riding to work amid the pandemic.

All the benefits of Uber, reimagined for business

Uber for Business gives your organization more control, deeper insights, and simplified expensing. Manage and track business travel, create voucher programs designed for gifting and recognition, and more, all on one dashboard.

Here’s how it works

The dashboard is where it all happens. It’s your hub for accessing and customizing programs for travel, meals, and more. You can even get real-time reporting and usage updates.

Set your limits

Set ride and meal limits based on day, time, location, and budget. You can also let your team charge to a single company account or corporate cards.

Invite eligible employees

Get your team on board by inviting them to join the company profile. They can connect their personal Uber profile and company Uber for Business profile by email or text.

Get moving

Employees can enjoy rides and meals for delivery with a quick toggle to their business profile, while you oversee details like usage and spending from the dashboard.

Track expenses

Forget about saving receipts. Automatically add each trip and meal to expense systems that can be reviewed weekly or monthly for easy budget tracking.

“We’re working hard to try and come up with some new ideas and creative ways to keep people in our place and with us. I have sent Vouchers to some of our remote staff so that they can participate remotely while we do something in the office. It’s another tool to use to promote retention and that sense of belonging.”

Miriam Lewis, HR Manager, ZaneRay Group

Boost the productivity, mobility, and well-being of your employees

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