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Explore new product updates in our Quarterly Product Release

Get more out of Uber for Business with new tools and features designed with your organization in mind. Miss our virtual event? Watch the recording to get a deep dive on our latest product updates.

Billing and payments

Streamline payments with real-time transaction updates

It’s now easier to set up and make payments. Know where payments stand with new real-time payment confirmation, and if something goes wrong, you’ll see an error message and guidance on how to fix the issue.

Improve reporting with deeper insights into expense data

Get a detailed picture of employee expenses through an expanded downloadable transaction CSV. Run deeper analysis based on in-depth transaction data, build greater automation, and reconcile critical tax information to prepare for potential audits.

Voucher updates

Create and upload vouchers in bulk

Custom locked templates let you create and distribute vouchers to multiple recipients at once, enabling coordinators to have greater autonomy and work more efficiently, while you ensure T&E policy compliance.

Use vouchers with Uber Reserve

Vouchers can be used on rides reserved up to 90 days in advance, giving recipients more flexibility for redemption. Terms apply.

Platform enhancements

Enable security integrations

Take charge of your security by integrating the Uber for Business dashboard with your organization’s single sign-on (SSO) provider. You can also enable 2-step account verification at for protected dashboard logins.

Spot potential fraud with security enhancements

A series of new platform updates can help prevent fraud and misuse by users with access to the dashboard. These features can help identify unusual activity, and admins will be notified when critical changes have been made to the organization.

Watch the on-demand recording of our virtual event

The recording of our latest event is now available, bringing you expert-guided product deep dives, and opportunities to learn from fellow customers.

Three-quarters of customers globally would recommend Uber for Business*

*Based on a September 2023 Uber-commissioned survey, 75% of clients (out of 6,305 total) would likely recommend Uber for Business to a colleague or someone in their professional network.

Feature and product availability may vary by country and device type.

New features to make your people feel appreciated

Our latest updates help you improve efficiencies and show appreciation to the people most important to your business. Explore what’s new with features that reward teams and are easy to implement in the workplace.

Miss our virtual event? Access the recording to learn how to put these features to work for anyone who's important to your organization.

In case you missed our virtual event

During our virtual event experts from Uber for business dive into our latest product updates. By viewing the recording, you can:

  • Get expert advice on elevating your employee workplace experience

  • Learn from product experts about how to implement our most recent features across your organization

  • Watch a hands-on demo of our latest platform updates built to improve your dashboard experience

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