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Maximize your employee benefits with Uber One

An Uber One membership enriches your employee benefits program and your business. Your team will enjoy exclusive perks for deliveries and meals on Uber Eats.

What’s in it for your employees

Treat your team to a suite of business-class perks they can only get with an Uber One membership.

$0 Delivery Fee

Get $0 Delivery Fee on eligible restaurant orders over $15 and grocery orders over $40.* Look for the Uber One icon in the app.

Member pricing

Get 5% off eligible meal orders with Uber Eats.

Top-rated drivers

Get member pricing and top-rated drivers on Uber.

Exclusive perks

Enjoy special offers and promotions, plus premium member support and invite-only experiences.

Easily tailor Uber One to your business

Step 1: Company setup

Work with our team of experts to customize an Uber One program for your company. Admins will then set up their dashboard to automate employee invitations and manage the program moving forward.

Step 2: Employee signup

Each employee will receive an email invitation to join the program. To accept, employees will follow the link in the email to download or sign in to their Uber or Uber Eats app on mobile or web.

Step 3: Ready. Set. Go!

Once accepted, employees will be able to access Uber One benefits on eligible meals and more placed on their business and personal orders.

What’s in it for your business

Maximize savings

Save money on meal and travel expenses while increasing the value your employees receive.

Increase employee engagement

Go beyond basic benefits with brag-worthy extras that will keep your teams happy, motivated, and productive.

Give flex benefits to hybrid teams

Offer remote, in-person, and hybrid-friendly perks that adapt to your needs in an ever-changing work environment.

Take your team further with Uber One

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Frequently asked questions

  • Any employees added to the program will receive an email to claim their Uber One membership. Once an employee creates an Uber account, they can redeem and use their membership on web or mobile through the Uber Eats app.

  • Uber One benefits are available for eligible stores and eligible orders only. Look for the stores marked with the Uber One icon in the app. View additional membership terms and conditions here.

  • We offer special discounted Uber One membership packages for Uber for Business customers. Contact our team of experts to customize an Uber One program for your company.

  • The company will only be billed for the memberships that are claimed by employees and will get billed monthly per its dashboard setup. There is no upfront payment for Uber One memberships.

*Benefits available only for eligible stores marked with the Uber One icon.

$15 minimum order to receive $0 Delivery Fee and 5% off from eligible restaurants, and $40 minimum on eligible grocery and non-restaurant stores to receive $0 Delivery Fee, where available. 5% off does not apply to grocery and other non-restaurant orders. Taxes and fees, if applicable, do not apply to order minimums.

Estimated savings do not include subscription price. Benefits only apply in Canada. View terms and conditions.

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