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Business Profiles on Uber

Find out if you are eligible for Uber for Business perks and start enjoying priority pickup*, seamless expensing, and much more.

With over 170,000 organizations already using Uber for Business, your employer may already be on board.

Designed for the business traveler

  • Exclusive ride option

    Business Comfort is an exclusive ride option designed for the business traveler. Save time and stay productive on the road with priority pickup*, enhanced support, top-rated drivers, and much more.

  • Save time on expenses

    Enjoy effortless expense reporting and save valuable time with automatic receipt uploads to expense providers. Submitting an expense report has never been easier.

  • Separate business from personal

    Your work travel may be blended but your expenses don’t have to be. Separating business and personal profiles will ensure that your expenses are properly split and the correct payment method is used.


Getting set up is easy

  1. You may be prompted to enter your personal Uber account credentials, and authenticate your account via a 4-digit code sent to your phone number or email.

  2. Once logged in, enter your work email to see if you are eligible to connect to an organization's account.

  3. If you are eligible, you will receive an email to verify and activate your account. Open the email on your mobile device and tap Activate your account in the email.

  4. Tap Join now.

  5. You’re all set! Next time, toggle to your business profile when using Uber for work.

Make the most out of your business travel

  • Plan ahead

    You can schedule a ride for your upcoming trip with Uber Reserve, which uses technology to help ensure on-time pick-up for a stress-free ride.

  • View perks and policy

    Business hub within the Uber app allows you to easily access the travel benefits and work perks provided by your company.

  • Convenient dining on the road

    With over 825,000 restaurant partners globally, customizable meal options are available to help meet your needs while traveling for any business occasion.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you didn’t receive an email to activate your Uber for Business account, we weren’t able to find an Uber for Business account that matches your work email address. You can still set up a business profile to separate work rides and meals from personal and enjoy easier expensing.

    1. Select a payment method for your business account
    2. Select how frequently you’d like to receive travel reports
    3. Link an expense provider for simplified reporting
    4. All set!
  • Uber for Business can help you manage travel for your employees and enhance the traveler experience.

    1. Select Payment from your app menu and scroll down to Ride Profiles.
    2. Tap on Business Profiles to be taken to your preferences.
    3. Tap on Travel Report to turn on weekly or monthly travel reports.
    1. Select Account from the bottom navigation in your app and select Wallet.
    2. Under Rides Profiles select your business profiles to be taken to your settings.
    3. Tap on Default Payment to update your payment method, tap on Travel Report to turn on weekly or monthly travel reports, and tap on Expense Provider to update your Expense Provider.
  • We work with Coupa, Certify, Chrome River, Concur, Expensify, and much more. See all expense providers here.

  • Uber is available in 10,000+ cities and 700+ airports worldwide.

Looking to sign up your entire team or company?

*Faster pickup is not guaranteed. Availability may vary by location and device. Priority pickup is not available at airport locations.

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