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How Terminus supports employees with Uber Eats

March 18, 2021 / Canada

Terminus, an account-based marketing platform headquartered in Atlanta, has over 200 employees. As a company, Terminus has long valued employee engagement, striving to be a great place to work. Those efforts have created robust employee benefits and perks, such as stock options, unlimited vacation time, regular team outings, and transit and parking assistance. 

When COVID-19 hit, the leadership team at Terminus quickly shifted operations into remote work. Jessica Pachman-Hults, Terminus’ Employee Engagement Manager, was tasked with adapting the company’s employee perks for a remote workforce. To start, the company sent surveys to determine how they could best support employees with the major transition to working from home. 

This provided an opportunity to support employees beyond their regular 9-to-5. Pachman-Hults explains: “Holistically, there is more going on in their lives than just Terminus. I think having empathy toward what people are dealing with day in and out, whether that’s kids running around or trying to get virtual schooling set up, is important. We’re all just here trying to do our best, and I want to support that.”  

The result was a perks program that updates regularly to help support employees and their families throughout the year. Perks range from stipends and wellness benefits to half-day Fridays. “We really wanted our employees to feel like they can take that time back, take a break and step back,” Pachman-Hults says.

Terminus also continued its partnership with Uber for Business. “We’ve worked with Uber for Business for a few years now for travel,” Pachman-Hults says, “but when COVID kicked in, someone reached out from Uber Eats. It was a no-brainer to continue the partnership.” 

To replace their weekly in-office lunch, Terminus began offering employees a $100 monthly stipend to use on Uber Eats. “We wanted to give our employees the ability to support their favorite local restaurants and really give back to the community,” Pachman-Hults explains. 

So far, the program has been well received. “When we rolled it out, there was a lot of excitement of, ‘Wow, I get this much money a month and I can spend it all at once,’ or ‘I can space it out throughout the month. It’s up to me how it gets used,’” Pachman-Hults says. “It gives them that ability to use it in a way that best serves them. Employees really love being able to order food and support their favorite local places, but they’re also excited to try new things, branch out, and have something to really look forward to.” 

Integration has been a seamless process for the team. “It’s been a really easy platform to implement with employees,” she says. “I haven’t had many employees that have struggled with getting the app up and running and getting our account connected.” Managers have even taken it upon themselves to use the perk to organize events like lunch-and-learns and team meetings. 

As remote work continues, Pachman-Hults and Terminus plan to keep supporting employees in new and innovative ways. “I love figuring out how I can better support people day in and day out,” she says. “There will be a lot of changes that come from this time. I want our employees to feel that we are here to support them, and that they know we’re here to help make things better, no matter what’s happening.” 

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