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How to enhance your customer and employee experiences using Vouchers

February 10, 2021 / US

First launched in 2019, Vouchers was created so companies could seamlessly cover the cost of rides for their employees and customers. As businesses’ needs have evolved, Uber for Business has expanded Vouchers to include ordering for delivery on Uber Eats. Today, Vouchers is an important tool for businesses working to grow sales, reward employees, and more—however they’re driving their business forward.  

What is Vouchers? 

Our Vouchers program allows a business to cover the cost of meals or rides on Uber through individual vouchers, which are similar to gift cards. Two ways they’re different: the vouchers can be controlled through parameters, and businesses only pay for the amount used. 

For example, a gift card may be spent on anything at any time, whereas a voucher may be for a set amount of money to be redeemed at a certain time of day, or by an expiration date. Businesses will only pay for the amount that recipients use. Vouchers provide control and flexibility to tailor rides or meal options to individual employee and guest needs. 

Companies can instantly create vouchers and send a unique link by email, text, and other channels. Employees, customers, and clients can redeem vouchers using just a few taps. 

There are 3 types of vouchers: vouchers for rides and Uber Eats, vouchers for Uber Eats, and vouchers for rides. Each can provide either a discounted meal or credit to use on Uber Eats or rides at scale. 

Why use Vouchers?

Among many reasons, Vouchers is a great way to connect with your customers and reward employees. Some of the benefits of using Vouchers include: 

  • Controlling costs: Businesses determine what amount the recipient can spend and when. 
  • Offering flexibility: As the world continues to adapt to life with COVID-19, businesses have innovated and pivoted. Whether it’s a ride to work or a meal service for workers at home, Vouchers allows flexibility to provide what teams need to keep moving forward, no matter the circumstance.
  • Showcasing your brand: Businesses can send vouchers to customers using their organization’s logo.
  • Strengthening customer loyalty and employee engagement: Provide a meal during a (virtual) client meeting to surprise and delight valuable customers, or help employees feel cared for with a team meal or complimentary ride. 
  • Enhancing your customer experience: Bundle a voucher with a purchase to incentivize a larger purchase by customers, or drive traffic to a brick-and-mortar shop or online store with the help of a voucher incentive. 

How can businesses use Vouchers?

Providing a one-time thank you or creating and regularly contributing to a commute program are just 2 of the many ways vouchers are commonly used by Uber for Business customers. Here are some others: 

Uber Eats vouchers

  • Events (in person and virtual): Increase attendance and engagement by keeping attendees well fed throughout an SKO (like Samsara did in late 2020), webinar, or virtual team-building session.   
  • Client and team meetings: Keep employees and valuable customers (or prospective customers) well fed during meetings, in person or virtually. 
  • Customer incentives: Like Samsung, help drive sales and increase purchase value by bundling a voucher with products as a reward for purchases. 
  • Meal programs: Employees spend 32 hours per month on average finding, eating, and expensing meals. Provide meals with parameters to manage all employee and guest needs.  

Rides vouchers 

  • Subsidized rides: Pay for a portion of a ride for employees, customers, or guests.
  • Courtesy rides: Make sure VIPs are taken care of or event attendees head home seamlessly with a courtesy ride
  • Recruiting: Send a job candidate a voucher for a ride to in-person interviews.
  • Business travel: Provide rides to and from the airport and in unfamiliar cities for employees.
  • Commutes: Ensure that employees have transportation to and from work each day with a voucher for rides with Uber. 

How to set up vouchers

To get started, sign up for an Uber for Business account—it takes only a few minutes. Then sign in to the Vouchers dashboard. Once you’ve navigated to voucher creation, set parameters for voucher use. From there, you are able to distribute the voucher in a way that best fits your needs: 

  • By email or text
  • With a URL link 
  • Through a code input in the Uber app
  • Directly to customers from the Vouchers dashboard

Vouchers are easy for customers and employees to use and redeem. You can track the success and use of your vouchers using the Vouchers dashboard. 

To get started, learn more about Uber for Business and Vouchers