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Uber for Business expands Vouchers to enhance customer experiences

December 15, 2020 / US

Since the onset of the pandemic, Uber for Business has been a strategic partner for businesses – especially retail companies and brands – as they sought out new ways to operate and engage with customers and employees alike. 

During this time, Uber for Business has remained committed to supporting businesses through the launch of new commuting solutions to help companies plan their return-to-work strategies, fast-tracking the expansion of its Uber Eats solutions into over 20 countries in 2020 due to increased interest, and expanding of delivery solutions with the launch of Uber Direct. Overall, since the beginning of 2020, Uber for Business has seen over 30x growth of users on Uber Eats, and continues to sign up new organizations at a rapid clip, with active organizations growing 23% in November.

One area that customers have been specifically interested in is Uber for Business’ Vouchers offering. Vouchers initially launched in 2019 as a flexible way for businesses to cover the cost of rides—and now meals—for their employees and customers. Companies can instantly create vouchers and send via email, text, and other channels, and customers can redeem their vouchers with a single tap. 

Today, just in time for the holiday season, Uber for Business is announcing two major updates to its Vouchers offering designed to help companies scale branded experiences for their customers and launch effective marketing campaigns seamlessly. Now, businesses can send vouchers to customers using their organization’s logo, providing even more tailored, effective, and elevated touchpoints for businesses to enhance branded experiences for their customers. 

Uber for Business can also now distribute vouchers directly to customers on a company’s behalf directly from its dashboard instead of through other channels such as email. Uber for Business will manage the data inputting and the vouchers distribution process, helping businesses streamline the entire effort and save valuable time.

These two new features will work in tandem, enabling businesses to easily create enhanced experiences for customers. Key outcomes include increasing foot traffic to retail stores for holiday shopping via Vouchers for rides with Uber and improving customer loyalty in an increasingly noisy market. Beyond bolstering customer traffic and engagement, additional use cases may include: 

  • Incentivizing surveys: Increase company survey participation with a unique reward after completion. 
  • Equipping sales teams: Increase productivity of sales teams by using Vouchers as a reward for scheduling a meeting or attending a webinar. 
  • Boosting event attendance: Increase virtual event attendance by offering Vouchers as a gift, and offer Rides Vouchers as a way to make in-person event attendance seamless. 
  • Rewarding VIPs: Engage with valuable clients by offering Vouchers as a membership or thank you gift. 
  • Bundling with purchases: Help incentivize larger purchases with Vouchers as a reward for purchase.

Whether it’s a retailer wanting to offer rides to customers to increase shoppers at their stores, or a bank aiming to feed their staff a healthy lunch every day, Uber for Business has built a versatile and scalable platform solution that brings the magic of Uber into businesses and creates a seamless way for companies to improve operations, while supporting and delighting their customers and employees – which is more important now than ever before. 

Additionally, safety remains top of mind for Uber. We are committed to arming our customers – riders, eaters, restaurant partners, delivery people, and drivers – with the information and tools they need to help them stay safe. For more information on Uber’s in-app features through the coronavirus crisis, please visit