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How companies can evolve their business during the COVID-19 era

October 30, 2020 / US

From shuttered offices to lengthy bouts of working remotely, the pandemic has had a major impact on businesses and their employees. And although uncertainty remains, many areas are beginning to reopen and companies are now working through their return-to-office plans. At Uber for Business, we know this isn’t easy. We also know that companies are prioritizing worker safety and well-being but might not be sure how to put it into action. From commuting to in-office meals, here’s how we can help companies meet the needs of their employees as they head back to work. 

Our commitment to safety 

Ensuring that employees feel safe during their day-to-day is crucial for any employer’s back-to-work planning. Our research has also shown this, with 95% of surveyed riders expressing that they’re more comfortable when drivers wear masks and wash their hands. To that end, Uber has enacted health safety measures for all who use the platform, including in-app rider and driver safety checklists and mask-verification technology. In addition, we’ve allocated $50 million to purchase safety and cleaning supplies globally, and we’ve distributed  supplies to drivers and delivery people. We believe all these efforts can help employees feel more at ease as they travel to and from work. 

Safe commuting is key for employees returning to work

Among many changes brought about by the pandemic, the way people view getting to their jobs has been fundamentally altered. Nearly two-thirds (60%) of employers we surveyed said the current health concerns are making them reevaluate commuting options, like finding alternatives to public transportation. As daily commutes recommence more consistently, many businesses are looking to establish systems that take this into account. 

The Uber for Business platform can help by enabling easy management, flexibility, and budget control of commute programs—all from a single dashboard. Everything is customizable, from what kind of rides employees can request to what time of day they can ride. Plus, our Door-to-Door Safety Standard and adaptable technology can help make everyone feel safe while using Uber. 

Employee meals can spark well-being

Employees spend a surprising amount of time finding, eating, and expensing their meals during work—an average of 32 hours a month. By creating meal programs through Uber for Business, companies can cut down on some of these hours while keeping their employees feeling safe and productive. Delight staff with team lunches or afternoon coffee pick-me-ups, or give employees the freedom to order individually from one of the 400,000-plus establishments on Uber Eats. The Uber for Business platform allows for complete customization on details like delivery times, locations, and spending caps. A no-contact delivery option is also available for employees’ peace of mind.

Uber for Business can help businesses establish a bankable plan to better prepare for employees’ return to the office. Learn more about our safety measures and find out how to create commute and meal programs. 

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