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Built Your Way: Time-saving tools to streamline the holidays

October 18 / US

The holidays can be tricky for business owners. On one hand, a higher volume of purchases can help improve your bottom line. On the other, these same purchases can also disrupt your operations—especially if they’re coming in from various sales channels. Put simply, this is a busy time of year for you, so it’s critical to create efficient systems to help your business succeed. At Uber Eats, we’re committed to being part of this solution. 

In this issue of Built Your Way, you’ll find a roundup of features that can help you save time and operate more smoothly in the months ahead. Create a hassle-free holiday season by controlling your delivery order volume, automating store alerts and customer communication, and streamlining your marketing efforts.

Keep your composure on high foot-traffic days

Your customers deserve white-glove treatment whether they enjoy your products in your store or from the comfort of their home. Quality and speed are important for creating an experience that keeps customers coming back, but maintaining your sanity is equally important. You can’t bring your best if you’re spread too thin. If your team gets hit with an unexpected rush, these 2 features in the Uber Eats Orders app will help you manage delivery order volume and customer expectations:

  • Busy Mode: If your kitchen is struggling to keep up with incoming delivery orders, navigate to the Settings tab of the Uber Eats Orders app and tap Busy Mode to add more minutes to your fulfillment time. Based on what you select, the estimated delivery time for orders will update for customers and delivery people. 
  • Pause new orders: Are you turning more tables than you expected? Give yourself more time to focus on your in-store customers by pausing new Uber Eats orders. Select how long you’d like to pause orders, provide a brief reason, then get back to business.

Interested in exploring what else you can do with the Uber Eats Orders app? This user manual provides a deep dive into the many functionalities. 

“We know how busy holidays can be for you and how controlling order velocity is crucial to helping your business run smoothly. Busy Mode and the ability to pause new orders are designed to help manage your order capacity during high-volume times.”

Sandra Cuya, Senior Product Manager – Merchant, Uber Eats

Stay connected with your staff and customers

If you work between multiple storefronts, you’re well aware that you can’t be in 2 or more places at once—try as you might. If you’re always on the move, these 2 features in Uber Eats Manager put notification and automation capabilities at your fingertips so you can stay connected with your staff and customers as you make your way around town:

  • Real-time alerts: When you download the Uber Eats Manager app for mobile devices, you have the ability to adjust your notification settings to receive real-time updates about a number of factors related to your stores’ status, including paused or missed orders, internet connectivity, tablet battery power, and POS integration issues. Stay in the know while you tend to business on the go.
  • Review response templates: With tools built right into the Uber Eats Manager dashboard, you can easily automate replies for customer reviews that match specific qualities, like star rating or minimum order size. If you have stores in multiple locations, select where responses should apply from a drop-down menu. From there, add custom fields for customer name and store location to send messages in bulk with a personal touch.

Dive deeper into Uber Eats Manager with this user manual and watch this video tutorial to get started with automated review responses.

“You’re always on the go, managing the day-to-day realities of your business. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to know what’s going on with your business and take action. We’re continuing to invest in ways to simplify your interactions, whether that’s monitoring your hours or connecting with customers.”

Anna Li, Product Manager – Merchant, Uber Eats

Make your marketing less manual

Creating seasonal items or holiday specials can be time-consuming, but that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts need to be. With these 2 new additions to Ads Manager, you’ll be able to schedule ad campaigns to run on your terms with less manual maintenance:

  • Campaign Scheduling:* Give yourself peace of mind by scheduling ad campaigns in advance. Using this new feature, you’ll be able to select a start date as well as an optional end date. Build a pipeline of marketing efforts and let our technology take the heavy lifting off your to-do list.
  • Dayparting:* While Campaign Scheduling lets you set a campaign to begin in the future, Dayparting gives you the option to run campaigns during specific times or days of the week. If you generally experience lower order volume during lunch or if you just debuted a seasonal breakfast menu, Dayparting can help you reach your marketing goals with a greater degree of precision.
“This is a busy time of year for businesses. We also know it’s an important time to stand out to customers. Campaign Scheduling and Dayparting are 2 features that will make setting up and running your advertising campaigns feel more seamless, allowing you to meet your marketing goals at your convenience.”

Connor McCann, Senior Product Operations Manager, Uber Eats

Give yourself the gift of time

No 2 days look alike in the life of a business owner, and you deserve technology that can adapt to your needs on the fly—especially around the holiday months. When your plate is starting to feel full, tap into these features to help conserve your time. It’s your most valuable asset.

If you have questions about how to use any of these features or suggestions for how our platform can better serve you, our Support team is available to you 24/7. Reach out to us by calling or messaging 833-275-3287 (833-ASK-EATS) or by emailing >

For additional tips, tricks, and best practices for making Uber Eats work for you, take one of our self-guided lessons on Merchant Academy >

*Campaign Scheduling and Dayparting features are currently only available to merchants running campaigns on Ads Manager, Uber’s multilocation ads management tool. Multilocation Uber Eats Manager (UEM) advertisers may connect with their Uber representative for more information about Ads Manager.