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Built Your Way: Creating a grocery experience to take your business further

September 26 / US

In July 2020, we launched grocery delivery on Uber Eats. While the industry had already been experiencing a shift toward e-commerce, the pandemic accelerated this trend and highlighted that on-demand delivery was more than a matter of convenience—it was a necessity for consumers and businesses alike.

Over the past 2 years, delivery for anything from toiletries to pantry staples has become the new normal, and demand is only expected to rise. Grocery businesses anticipate their own e-commerce penetration to more than double in the next 3-5 years. The growth of grocery delivery on Uber Eats reflects this expectation. Today grocery and retail operations on our platform have grown to more than $4.5 billion globally, delivering millions of products from partners across 33 countries. 

Simply put, consumer behavior has experienced a significant shift, which we know can put pressure on businesses like yours to invest in the tools, labor, and inventory to keep up with demand. We’re committed to providing you with the support and resources your business needs to make sure you can maximize every opportunity and succeed long-term. 

To do this, we’ve been heads down listening to operators like you to ensure that we’re building a product that addresses your feedback and needs. The result is a new grocery experience on Uber Eats—our most comprehensive update yet—that’s designed to help you expand your reach, fulfill orders with ease, and grow on your terms. 

Below, explore features to help protect your bottom line, delight customers, and take your business further.

“Grocery operators are clear: They’re looking for technology that’s easy to use, that offers a solid consumer experience, and that gives them the right amount of support when they need it.”

Therese Lim, Senior Director of Grocery and New Verticals Product, Uber Eats*

Increase selection and protect your bottom line

If you’re using Uber Eats to unlock a new revenue stream, it’s important to have what you need at your fingertips. To help make sure you’re capturing the most earning opportunities possible, we’re expanding the ways you can increase inventory and price your items more accurately.

  • Replacement tracking and approval: Dealing with out-of-stock items can cause friction in the ordering experience and become costly if it leads to smaller orders. Using this feature, shoppers can now select from a list of recommended replacement items when a customer orders something out of stock. From there, customers can approve or reject the item, taking the guesswork out of shopping.
  • Price items by weight: Increase your product selection and price accuracy by listing items sold by weight like meat, seafood, produce, and prepared foods. Protect your margins while delighting your customers with more inventory to choose from.

Deliver a seamless customer experience

Customers today are increasingly seeking flexibility in their shopping experience. Meeting this need can help you drive repeat business over time. New features on the Uber Eats app will help you achieve this by creating around-the-clock convenience and rewards for returning customers.

  • Closed store shopping: Life doesn’t always run on a set schedule. With closed store shopping, you can show your customers that you value their time and loyalty by letting them place an order outside of your operating hours and schedule delivery during your next available window.
  • Loyalty program integration: Building customer loyalty takes time and energy—and it’s an investment that can pay dividends in the long run. With this new feature, your existing loyalty program members can enjoy discounted pricing when they place an order from you on the Uber Eats app.**
“Our goal is to build the product experience with a strong foundation of fundamental features and functionalities that satisfy the needs of grocers, consumers, and shoppers.”

Therese Lim, Senior Director of Grocery and New Verticals Product, Uber Eats*

Create the value your business deserves

We consider it a privilege to play a part in your business’s growth, and we don’t take the responsibility lightly. We’re focused on leveraging what sets us apart—our global scale, expansive user base, best-in-class technology, and knack for logistics—to take your business further. Our promise is to help you:

  • Grow your customer base: Tap into a global audience of 122 million monthly active users. This includes roughly 10 million Uber One members—high-value customers who receive perks like $0 Delivery Fee and discounts that can drive larger and more frequent orders. 
  • Deliver with ease: Tap into a global network of 5 million drivers and couriers who can help you cover a wider delivery zone and get your products in the hands of customers.
  • Operate on your terms: Whether you’d like to use your own delivery staff, offer pickup, or use a service like Uber Direct to power same-day delivery from your existing online store, we’re here to serve you.

Your goals. Our roadmap.

These new features are just one milestone in our continual journey to design a grocery product experience that suits all your business’s needs.

Whether you run a neighborhood grocery store or a global supermarket chain, we’re committed to helping you grow your business your way. Learn more about grocery delivery with Uber Eats >

*From Progressive Grocer, July 21, 2022.

**Businesses are not automatically eligible to access this feature. To integrate your loyalty program with Uber Eats, an onboarding and technology configuration process is required.