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Holiday Shopping Guide 2022: Spread love near and far with Uber Eats

November 16 / US

The most festive season is also often the busiest. This makes it all the more important to take a moment and share your appreciation for the people who matter most and keep you going all year long: your loved ones and your team.

There are endless ways to send a meaningful thank you. In this Holiday Shopping Guide, we hope to spark inspiration with a few ideas from Uber Eats.

Whether you ship nationwide, send a local gift, or keep it flexible with a gift card, Uber Eats can help you create moments of magic while supporting businesses you love. Start shopping below.

Nationwide shipping: mail care packages from across the country

For the foodie in your life who misses tastes from their hometown or chases flavors from a recent vacation, you can cure their cross-country cravings with the help of some of the many businesses on Uber Eats offering nationwide shipping.* Here are just a few ways you can tee up a delectable doorstep delivery:

Black Angus Steakhouse: Ribeye Steak Pack

When you dine at a Black Angus Steakhouse, you’re taking part in a heritage that stretches back almost 60 years. Rooted in a history of ranchers and restaurateurs from across the West, Black Angus encourages customers to kick up their boots and relax as if they were on their own ranch. With a 6-pack of ribeye steaks, you can send Black Angus’s home-on-the-range experience to someone whose favorite way to cool down is by firing up the grill.

BP Market by Boiling Point: Hot Pot Kit

In 2004, Boiling Point opened up their first store in Hacienda Heights, California, with one goal in mind: spread warmth one Taiwanese hot soup at a time. As they’ve expanded their footprint across the world, they’ve stayed true to their values of treating customers with care, using high-quality ingredients, and creating a sense of comfort with every bite. Entertaining guests over the holidays? Boiling Point’s at-home Hot Pot Kits can provide your group with a hands-on and tasty activity to enjoy in one another’s company.

Dirty Dough: Cookies by the Dozen

Dirty Dough had humble beginnings as a dorm room kitchen startup in Tempe, Arizona. Although the brand has since grown into a national franchise, they’ve continued to honor their founding principle: It’s what’s on the inside that counts. These one-of-a-kind cookies are bursting with layers, mix-ins, and fillings that make each bite a delicious (and sometimes messy) surprise. Order a box by the dozen and celebrate someone who, like Dirty Dough’s tagline says, is proudly unique inside and out.

Fabrica Woodfired Pizza: Pizza Box

Started in Tampa, Florida, in 2015, Fabrica Woodfired Pizza is grounded in tradition and propelled by innovation. It’s a place where authenticity, quality, modernity, and convenience intersect to create an Italian fast-casual experience that dazzles diners. Neapolitan pizza is the foundation of Fabrica’s offering, and now they’re changing the frozen pizza game one box at a time. Ship one of Fabrica’s woodfired pies and send a message to a special someone that they’ve claimed more than just a slice of your heart.

Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels: Bagel Box

Following an MBA and years of experience working at a local deli, Leah Orndoff opened Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels to bring the joys of a New York–style boiled bagel to Portland, Oregon. In partnership with head baker Dave Barile, Leah is focused on making products that are the most delicious part of your day. Help an early bird start their mornings on the right foot by sending them a Henry Higgins Bagel Box, which comes with 13 assorted bagels and a pound of plain cream cheese.

Lala’s: Chimichurri Jars

For over 25 years, Lala’s has offered a dining experience that captures the best of California’s and Argentina’s culinary cultures. Visit one of their 3 locations in Los Angeles, California, and you’ll see generations of loyal customers enjoying meals in a relaxed, unhurried setting. With jars of their homemade chimichurri sauce, you can bring the best of Lala’s home. Enjoyed as a dipping sauce, condiment, or even marinade, it’s a gift that says you consider someone a close companion.

Landry’s Kitchen: Steak & Lobster Gift

As a group, Landry’s, Inc. owns and operates a host of unique brands across the country, including Morton’s the Steakhouse, Chart House, Saltgrass Steak House, and more. With the Landry’s Kitchen delivery program, you can send the same premium proteins served at their iconic restaurants to the comfort of someone’s home. At a loss for what to get the friend with lavish taste? The best-selling Steak & Lobster Gift with 4 tender center-cut filet mignons, 4 North Atlantic lobster tails, and black truffle butter is sure to render those with even the most refined palates speechless.

Papalote Salsa: Salsa Variety Pack

Papalote Roasted Tomato Salsa is the culmination of nearly 50 years of family tradition, secret recipes, and culinary expertise. In 1999, brothers Miguel and Victor Escobedo, along with Victor’s wife, Jodi, opened Papalote Mexican Grill in San Francisco’s Mission District to share Mexico’s vibrant culture through food. Whether enjoyed together or from across the country, Papalote’s salsa is a vehicle to celebrate family and tradition. The Variety Pack offers 3 ways to do that: Serrano-Tomatillo, Habanero, and Chipotle.

Sergio’s: Cuban Bakery Box

Women-founded and family-run since 1975, Sergio’s cooks up authentic Cuban food with an American twist in the greater Miami area. While the food is a fusion between 2 worlds, all the plates share the same 3 qualities: simple, fresh, and homemade. With Sergio’s Cuban Bakery Box, you can send some TLC to a VIP in your life. The combination of croquetas, empanadas, and pastries will satiate their appetites and nourish their souls.

Shin-Sen-Gumi Online Shop: Ramen & Yakitori Sampler Kit

In 1992, Mitsuyasu Shigeta opened the first Shin-Sen-Gumi location in Gardena, California, offering customers delicate, chargrilled yakitori skewers. Thirty years later, Shin-Sen-Gumi’s menu and footprint have expanded significantly—all while staying true to their mission of immersing customers in an authentic Japanese food culture using freshly prepared ingredients. With Shin-Sen-Gumi’s best-selling Ramen & Yakitori Sampler Kit, you can give someone the ability to bring this culinary experience to life in their own kitchen.

Local delivery: send a gift through the Uber Eats app

Stumped about what to get the friend or family member who has everything? A small gesture from their favorite neighborhood storefront can go a long way. Whether it’s a not-so-home-cooked meal or a treat from a beloved bakery, you can give any local delivery as a gift in the Uber Eats app—even if you’re entering the order details from across the country. Here are just a few of the hometown heroes on the platform that are set up to send love from around the corner:

Fun-Diggity Funnel Cakes: Funnel Cake Mix (Los Angeles, CA)

Cheyenne Brown established Fun-Diggity Funnel Cakes in 2016 to make her childhood-favorite treat more accessible in her community. Today, she’s sharing sweetness year-round within the city of Los Angeles. You can help spread the joy by sending her renowned Funnel Cake Mix to the local doorstep of someone special. Each bag makes 8-10 funnel cakes—all you have to do is add water to start whipping up the fun.

Lulu Cafe: Organic Bamboo Straw Kit (Philadelphia, PA)

Named after her beloved French bulldog Princess Lulu, Janice Wang founded Lulu Cafe in 2016 after she moved to Philadelphia from Taiwan. From bubble teas to street snacks, the offerings at Lulu Cafe are an ode to Taiwanese food and culture. For the person in your life who can’t go a day without one of Lulu’s fresh-brewed teas, the Organic Bamboo Straw Kit is a perfect way to keep sipping plastic-free. Every straw is crafted in Taiwan, and each set comes with a cleaning brush and cotton pouch stamped with Princess Lulu herself.

Peter’s Kettle Corn: Popcorn Tin (Oakland, CA)

Locally owned and operated, Peter’s Kettle Corn is a staple at street fairs and farmers markets in the Bay Area. With their first brick-and-mortar retail location open in the Laurel District, you can share more than a kernel of cheer by ordering  Popcorn Tins for local delivery or pickup. Give “crunch time” a whole new meaning during the holidays. Simply select your tin size (1 or 2 gallons) and up to 3 flavors (Cheddar Cheese is a fan favorite), and let the seasonal snacking begin.

Uber gift cards: provide rides and meals at their convenience

Having trouble deciding which gift to choose? We’ve been there. Try saying thank you with the gift that fits everyone on your list: Uber gift cards that can be redeemed immediately (or later) for rides and deliveries. With gift cards, you can spread cheer over the holidays by:

  • Thanking your staff. Use our corporate portal to buy more than 10 gift cards at once and show your team how much you value their hard work.
  • Dropping a digital surprise. Send a gift card by email or by tapping Send a gift in the Account section of the Uber or Uber Eats app. Plus, the new in-app scheduling feature can help you make sure the gift card gets to them at just the right moment.
  • Sending a physical gift. Pair a heartfelt holiday note with a physical gift card. You can either send a gift card by mail or pick one up from one of the many grocery stores or retailers across the country that carry them.

’Tis the season to give the gift of appreciation

This time of year, it all comes down to the people. You’re surrounded by employees who keep the ball rolling, loved ones who motivate you, and fellow businesses that bring a sense of connection to your community. And, let’s be honest, it feels nice to be acknowledged. 

Ready to get in the spirit? Open the Uber Eats app or visit to start shopping. >

*Nationwide shipping is currently available in the US only, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Minimum order requirement: $50.