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UberVALLE: the easiest way to go to Valle de Guadalupe

July 17, 2017 / San Diego

Do you enjoy a good wine and having a great time with your friends? If you answered “yes,” then we have something special for you.

It’s never been easier to visit Valle de Guadalupe witht uberVALLE. It allows you to get a safe and reliable ride to Valle de Guadalupe, explore the vineyards, and get home all without the hassle of having to do any of the driving yourself.

What is uberVALLE?

uberVALLE offers a day-long, round-trip rides to Valle de Guadalupe. Your driver will wait for you as long for as you need so you can enjoy the vineyards. Once you’re done for the day, your driver will get you back home safely to wherever you’re staying in Tijuana or Ensenada.

You can request uberVALLE from Tijuana or Ensenada by selecting “valleX” in the Uber app. Remember, like uberX, valleX can carry up to 4 passengers, while valleXL can fit up to 6 passengers. And like always,  you can split the fare with up to 3 passengers in-app to cut down on costs.

How does it work?

  1. Request ‘valleX’ or ‘valleXL’ within the Uber app..
  2. Enjoy one or multiple stops in Valle de Guadalupe. There is no minimum or maximum wait time. Your driver will wait for you until you’re ready to head home.
  3. Whenever you’re ready to go back, call or text your driver within the app. Your driver will be waiting for you where you were last dropped off.
  4. The driver will end your trip at your last destination.


When and where is uberVALLE available?

You can request valleX and valleXL 24/7, from Tijuana or Ensenada, until September 30. There is no time or distance limit, just a minimum fare (see more on that below).

  • Fees

Welcome to uberVALLE!