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Expanding WAV Reliability in Portland

September 14, 2015 / Portland

Since we relaunched in April, Uber has been proud to become a member of the Portland community—serving over 80,000 Portland area riders. As part of our commitment to making sure all Portlanders have access to safe, reliable rides, Uber is expanding Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) reliability. Here’s how:

  • We are launching 24-hour uberWAV: 24-hour wheelchair accessible service in Portland through our uberACCESS platform.
  • We are partnering with Peer-to-Peer WAV drivers (with those rides also available on the uberACCESS platform)—so that more Portlanders can get a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle when they need it, and more driver-partners can use their personal WAV vehicles to make an income.  

To help us guarantee there are more WAV vehicles on the road, we’ve expanded our existing partnership with First Transit, who will help us provide WAV service around the clock in the Portland area. We have also worked to onboard driver-partners who already own WAV vehicles, and we’re proud that through this effort the number of available WAV hours has doubled since July.

WAV driver-partners meet a series of training and vehicle requirements that go beyond our standard onboarding process. This includes:

  • A vehicle inspection with Performance Mobility, a world-class certification specialist to ensure vehicles meet ADA requirements.
  • A rigorous training program — designed and taught by our friends at Ride Connection — consisting of a 4-hour online training course, followed by a 3 hour in-person wheelchair securement class.  

It will take a community working together to solve the complex issue of accessibility. Uber is just one part of that solution, and we are committed to devoting time and resources to help increase accessibility.

WHAT is uberWAV?
WAV connects riders in wheelchairs with licensed paratransit drivers and curb-to-curb service vehicles that are equipped with ramps or lifts. UberWAV was developed after working closely with leaders in the accessibility community to improve the Uber app and experience.
uber_PDX_uberWAV_iPhone6-screenshot_654x1313_r1 copy


  1.    Open up your Uber app
  2.    Select “ACCESS” in the slider at the bottom of the app
  3.    Tap the WAV option
  4.    Set your location and request