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Rates to better value your time

October 15, 2018 / Phoenix

We know that consistent and dependable earnings are important to you.

In a step toward creating a more reliable earnings experience, we’re updating our time and distance rates to make earnings more reflective of the time you put in, no matter where a trip takes you.

We expect that average drivers earnings will not change in your city as a result of this update.

What’s changing?

We’re increasing the per-minute rate and decreasing the per-mile rate for UberX, UberPool, and UberXL. Whether it’s a 2-mile trip or a 20-mile trip, your time will be valued.

You can see your new rates in the Fares tab of your partner portal.

Time and distance rates will only update in select cities in the U.S. Check your email or your driver app for more information on rate updates in your city.

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How will this affect my earnings?

We do not expect average driver earnings to change in your city. We’re putting more value on time to help create more consistent and dependable earnings, no matter where your next trip takes you.

Questions you might have

  • Where can I see my new rates?
  • Is this a fare cut?
  • Why not just increase rates?
  • How will this update affect surge and promotions?
  • Does this update affect the per-minute wait fee rate?
  • How do I give feedback about these updated rates?

Want to learn more about rates? See the breakdown of how rates work here.