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Citadel enhances the employee experience with Uber for Business

April 11, 2022 / US

We’ve learned many things during the pandemic, including how to adapt. We collaborated across computer screens, we changed our commutes, and we found a new rhythm in our careers and our personal lives.

Companies across the world have also made worker wellness part of their everyday conversations. Many organizations, like the global investment firm Citadel, are leading by example in this realm. In addition to being a renowned hedge fund and technological innovator, the company has been recognized for the enthusiasm it generates from those both inside and outside of the firm.  

By tapping into Uber for Business to expand employee benefits across travel, commuting, and workplace meals, Citadel continues to foster a strong culture and take care of its employees.

“The health and wellbeing of our colleagues is a top priority,” says Citadel Chief People Officer Matt Jahansouz. “The benefits we provide, both in and out of the office, contribute to the strong culture of our firm as well as the satisfaction and productivity of our amazing team members.”

Rides and meals to meet diverse employee needs

After seeing success with a pre-pandemic travel program, Citadel looked to Uber for Business to help build out a suite of benefits for its employees. Top-of-mind was providing commute and meal options to keep workers feeling safe and productive. 

To provide an alternative to public transportation during the pandemic, Citadel offered a commute stipend to employees that included rides through Uber. Employees can also receive credit to order from restaurants on Uber Eats, which adds both convenience and variety to in-office dining. 

Since many employees already use the Uber app for personal rides or meal delivery, tapping into their Citadel-managed profiles via Uber for Business is seamless. They also appreciate the always-on access to rides and the variety of restaurants available on the platform. 

 “Surprise and delight” moments 

Because keeping employee spirits high has never been more important, Citadel also uses Uber for Business to create unique moments for current or prospective employees. As the pandemic disrupted Citadel’s long-standing tradition of providing employees with movie tickets and vouchers for refreshments on their birthdays, the firm instead offered employees an Uber gift card on their special day, redeemable for rides with Uber or meals with Uber Eats. Citadel also uses one-off meal delivery vouchers to enhance its remote recruiting process. This creates a positive impression that lasts long after the interview process has ended.

Ease of use and deep insights for administrators 

While its employee base benefits from the diversity of Uber for Business services, program administrators benefit from the flexibility of the platform and the analytics it provides. The centralized dashboard allows administrators to create region-specific programs, which helps meet the different needs of global teams. They also have the freedom to turn on or amend programs based on activity and other factors, as working in the dashboard does not require an external support team to make changes. Consolidated billing streamlines expense reporting and eliminates the need for multiple vendors, which increases efficiency and lets administrators spend more time on other tasks.

Beyond commute and meal programs 

As Citadel’s needs evolve, its relationship with Uber for Business continues to grow. Success in major US offices has led to further global expansion and tests of new programs in smaller, regional locations. The firm continues to customize employee offerings using other Uber options as well, like Uber Central and Uber Reserve, which provide a streamlined user experience for the business travel, meetings and outings that support Citadel’s culture of collaboration and in-person engagement.

Uber for Business remains a proud partner to companies and their employees as they continue to navigate remote, in-office, and hybrid work. Learn more about how the platform can help your organization’s needs here.